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  1. A few of your answers are incorrect which emiy outlined above but otherwise your application is very well done and you have great consistent activity as well as a great attitude and are always chill. #moneytalks +1
  2. Extremely well done staff application and you have been doing a fantastic job about getting your name out in a positive platform in game and cross platforms. +1
  3. Very well done and thought out application, I very much like you attention to detail. You have been chill in game, polite in sits and nice when ever we have interacted in game. You do have a few previous warning, though they are quite old now just make sure to stray away from that behavior like you have been. Keep striving for positive interactions with the community but so far you have done a terrific job! +1
  4. I believe NPC_Neko_Snark_1,NPC_Neko_Snark_2, NPC_Neko_Snark_3, NPC_Neko_Snark_4 and NPC_Neko_Snark_5 all need to be held accountable for there actions for once +1
  5. Your application is very well done and the effort you put into it is very good to see, the only thing I would mention is make sure you spend time in game interacting with others and the community as well as being active in the community on other platforms like the discord or response and interactions with other forums posts. +1, make sure you continue to boost that activity
  6. I have basically played with you since I ever even started aether before my staffing days just grinding bitcoin together. You will absolutely allways be a genuine friend to me and I genuinely hope we stay in touch and talk. I know sooner or later you will come back when the time is right and I will be here for it. I am glad your able to focus on the IRL stuff and this can get a little weight off your shoulders, love ya man and hope to see you again soon.
  7. I think you would do a fantastic job as staff with your history and reputation on the server, take it seriously, listen to other staff and I think you will do exceedingly well. +1
  8. You can return after NLR is up, you just can't raid again until the raid timer is up. Your answer to this one was a bit odd to be, you should be listening to all staff around you especially when they are trying to help, if you ever get the sense a staff member could be doing something that would be considered them being corrupt you should report it to higher ups immediately This is not an issue about confusion and more of an issue that revenge RDM is still considered RDM Someone intentionally go out of there way to ruin someone else's time is always against the rules and could be considered NITRP or harassment depending on the case Any time anyone RDM's 3 or more people it would be an immediate 3 day ban if it is on the first time but you are on the right track The times and punishments for this are outlined in the publicly available staff handbook but if it is the players first warning they would just receive a written warning Additional Comments: Your staff application is pretty well done but could definitely use some work in the above noted areas, My only main critique for you is I have not interacted with you in game or interacted with you when you have been on, make sure to RP around a bit and interact with the community to help yourself become known to the community, this can also be done by being active on the forums or on discord. -/+
  9. Though I did it quietly I learned so much from you, you showed me a lot of how to staff more then you will ever know, you were always super knowledgeable and such an amazing level headed person that I will always be greatfull ❤️ I hope you come back soon 😞
  10. These are genuinely amazing, your a super talented dude and your builds always make me happy to see. keep it up 🙂
  11. Madi, You are an absolutely fantastic friend and have been nothing but supportive and welcoming to new staff. You really had no issues in your last running as staff besides very heavy gaps of inactivity from sit taking. The only thing I do have concern about is that you are re ranking for the right reasons. The staff team is great to have fun with and have game nights and have as an overall friend group but at the same time that should not be the main reason you are pushing for staff. I do hope you have drive for actual sit taking as well, not that you didn’t before but that did seem towards the end of your last go around you were less interested in the not as fun parts of staffing like sit taking. In regards to your skill I have absolutely zero doubt you will have any issue conducting your duty’s as you did before.
  12. Jerma, you were solid staff when you resigned and I see no major issue with Re Ranking to moderator. I am still a little concerned with your playtime as soon as you came back you went to apply which is not always the best as we like to see consistent playtime before applications or reranks so we know it's not a risk of happening when you do become mod. I decided to wait a a week before responding to ensure you have kept your play time consistent which I am happy to see you have. Make sure to keep your activity consistent and feel free to reach out if you have questions about any staffing related changed since you have been gone. +1
  13. I really agree with thicc in the fact there are a lot of the issues with your application as he pointed out, they are not alarmingly wrong answers but definitely still need some work, I strongly advise you to read through not only the rules but the publicly available staff handbook to get an idea on what the correct approach to some of the questions involved would be, especially some of the hypothetical situations. Though, what really counters this sub par application is the fact you are incredibly chill person to interact with and always very polite in sits as well as bringing an overall very positive attitude towards nearly every interaction I have witnessed you be involved in. I think as long as you study the above pointed out issues you will do fine. +1
  14. happy trails and I hope to see ya around mr bob
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