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Good/Favorite songs megathread



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Hello gamers. I'm just curious about the music taste of people here.

I was also just having a discussion with someone about music so I'm curious what do you look for most in a song? Do you prefer lyrical content of just sounding good in general? Or is there something else that draws you to music?

I personally mostly look for just a good sounding song and can typically ignore the lyrics, as long as they sound good being sung. But a song with good lyrical content or words I can identify with definitely stick out to me.

If you post a song you like include why you like it so much ūüôā¬†

This song makes me feel feelings. That is all. It's great

This song just goes stupid hard. "The wrath of God lays beneath this soil" is such a badass breakdown callout

Not only does this song just go stupid crazy the lyrics mean a lot to me.

I like everything about this song. Lyrics and sound both tie together perfectly. Also Guardin and Guccihighwaters is a perfect combo


I had to stop myself because I could've posted like 30 songs that I love without even having to think about it. I'll maybe post more as time goes on.

Last suggestion is literally every single song by Polyphia

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Topics that are older than 30 days cannot be posted in, create a new topic instead!

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