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  1. THE AETHER CIPHER The aether cipher is a complex puzzle revolving around using hints and codes to find your way to the next stage. Certain areas will pertain codes, hidden messages, riddles, code cracking ciphers and overall analytical puzzles to solve. What you can win: - 25,000x AB - 1x Bruhvolver - 1x Omni Blade (With Shield) - 1x Mega Vape INSTRUCTIONS YOU CAN ENTER CODES BY TYPING THIS IN YOUR URL BOX: MINDOFVII.COM/*CODE* (Lets say for example you found out that the code for the puzzle was "Banana". You would put "https://www.mindofvii.com/banana" in your url.) Attached below you can find an audio file to introduce you to the course, as well as your first cipher to start on. The image may be too low quality from the forum downsizing quality. You can find the image here: https://mindofvii.com/image Special Credits: - Thank you to Tapu for recording the first cryptic audio log without knowing you were doing that 😉 - Thank you to Jman for allowing me to do my cipher aswell as help in it 😉 - Thank you to the voice actors I hired to create some amazing dialogue at certain points <33 - Good Luck. This will not end until someone has completed it. AetherCipherIntro.mp3
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