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AetherNetwork DarkRP Rules


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AetherNetwork DarkRP Rules

Need Help? Contact a Staff member by typing @ followed by your question/request!

Staff have the final say. If you disagree with a staff member make a Forum Complaint.

Discord Invite Link: Discord.gg/AetherNetwork


Basic Rules

  1. Be civil, this is a game - treat it as one and try to have fun; if you are intentionally ruining or disrupting other’s gameplay you will be punished accordingly.
  2. Keep any political/racist/hate speech/toxic/excessive NSFW behavior and words out of the game, Forums and Discord.
  3. RDM (Random Deathmatch) occurs if you damage or kill another player without a valid reason from your current in-game life. 
  4. NLR (New Life Rule) restricts you from interacting with the player(s) who caused your previous in-game death for 3 minutes from your death. 
    • After being killed by another player the gameplay situation between you ends. 
    • If you die defending a base you cannot defend that base or enter the base until NLR is over.
  5. Cheating, exploiting and scamming are strictly disallowed. 
    • Abusing exploits will result in a punishment equal to the damage done to the server through said exploit. 
  6. If you have clipping software available and can swiftly provide clips you are able to retaliate and kill players when they attempt to kill or arrest you, otherwise if you cannot supply clips you must wait until you take at least 1 damage to be able to retaliate. 
  7. Using commands/binds whilst AFK is disallowed in all cases. 
  8. No mic-spamming or radios unless you are a DJ. 
    • There should be no overly loud noises played from your microphone under any circumstances. 
  9. Impersonating other members of the Community or using another iteration of their name intentionally trying to bother them is disallowed in all cases.
  10. Alternative accounts cannot transfer items to main accounts and cannot claim/use in-game codes. 
  11. Banned players cannot rejoin on alternative accounts. 
  12. Entering safe-zones to avoid gameplay or killing yourself to avoid gameplay is strictly disallowed. 
  13. Your name must have at least 3 English letters with no spaces between them. 
  14. Using /demote should only be utilized with a valid reason and when no Staff are available. 
    • Wait at least 10 minutes after creating a ticket before receiving no response and going through this route. 

Building Rules

  1. All jobs can build 1 raidable base and 1 RP-Only base per party.
    • For Police the PD counts as their raidable base, for Bankers the Bank counts as their raidable base. 
    • Bank and PD can utilize as many keypads as the tool lets them.
    • RP-Only bases can be built anywhere other than sidewalks.
    • If building in the street with an RP-Only base there must be a clear accessible way to get past the base, this is especially important if building in a tunnel.
    • Raidable bases can be made anywhere other than on or above the street, sidewalk, sewer walkways or fountain.
    • The only exception to building on the sidewalk is to create rooftop access or decorative non-obstructive props.
  2. Your base must have at least 1 working entrance. 
  3. All members of the base must be added to the front door of the base, if there is no front door you must all be in a party.
  4. Rooftop’s are owned by whichever base’s door is connected/closest to it, if the rooftops has no base connecting to it then whoever builds there first owns it.
  5. Your base must be a clear and accessible path with no movement restrictions or forced crouching.
    • Movement restrictions also include drop, trap and maze bases.
  6. The path you force players to raid through must not take longer than an average of 30 seconds at default sprint speed from the entrance of the base to the main area of raidables within the base; not including keypad or button doors.
  7. All areas of your base must be able to fit 2 players side-by-side. 
    • The only exception to this would be map areas where it wouldn’t be possible to fit 2 players.
  8. You can utilize 3 keypad doors and 3 button doors for a raider to fully access your base. 
    • These must be visible and next to the door they open with no extra fake keypads/buttons.
    • You must only have to breach each keypad and button 1 time to get in and 1 time to get out. 
    • All keypad and button doors must be raidable with all raiding tools. 
  9. Bases that have dedicated areas to damage players from must allow raiders to damage the baser. 
    • You must have your shoulders and above visible when damaging raiders and raiders must have their shoulders and above visible when damaging basers. 
  10. Any overly large bases or those imported with Advanced Duplicator that are normally not spawnable may be removed at Staff discretion. 
  11. If you are being raided you cannot rejoin to avoid the raid and must wait until it concludes.
  12. You cannot have any cancer/painful to look at materials.

Raiding Rules

  1. A raid advert must be created before using any raid tool to correctly initiate a raid. 
    • Your raid cooldown is 30 minutes per base, this cooldown starts from your raid advert. 
    • Your raid may last up to 10 minutes from your raid advert. 
    • If raiding PD you must specify PD RAID. 
    • If raiding the Bank you must specify BANK RAID. 
    • Once a raid has been initiated neither raiders nor basers can use their tool gun or spawn props.
  2. You can raid a base that another raider is already raiding but you must commit to the raid and attempt to finish it, using raid adverts just to kill the raider is disallowed. 
  3. Raids must be initiated from within microphone distance of the base's entrance or inside the base, leaving microphone distance of the base forfeits the raid. 
    • You can kill members of the base after your raid advert if they are within microphone distance of the base’s entrance. 
  4. If raidables are accessible without using a raiding tool you do not have to advert raid and no cooldown is applied.
  5. You cannot raid any bases that have RP Only or Building signs.

Warning Rules

  1. Players can be warned to leave your area if they are causing disruptions to yourself. 
  2. Warns must be given in /advert specifying ‘Warn 10s/10 seconds’. 
    • If the player is still within microphone distance after the warning you can kill them. 
    • If the player returns to microphone distance from where you adverted the warn within 30 seconds you can kill them. 
  3. You can only warn players in your base or public areas and you cannot warn players to leave if they were at the location first. 

Advert Rules

  1. Adverts used for gameplay (PD Raids, Bank Raids, Raids) must be the first words posted in the advert. 
    • All in-game adverts are considered RP and can be acted upon, including raid adverts. 

Kidnapping Rules

  1. Hostages can be kept for up to 15 minutes, after the 15 minutes you can decide to let them go or kill them. 
  2. You cannot force players into uncomfortable situations whilst kidnapped, in-game RP is allowed but if you are kidnapping players to make them miserable Staff may remove the player from your base. 
  3. The maximum ransom you can demand is $5,000,000.

RP Only, KOS and Building Sign Rules

  1. RP Only, KOS and Building text-screens must be at least 75 in size whilst being clear and visible.
  2. KOS signs can only be placed at your base's entrance and can only be enforced once the player is past the sign.
    • If a player is past your KOS sign you can kill them.
    • If the player leaves the area after passing the sign you cannot hunt them down to kill them unless they dealt damage to you.
    • If you are building somewhere other than a ownable base then you cannot have a KOS sign and can only KOS players for raiding your building. 
  3. RP Only signs are utilized for bases that want to allow players into their base and have a build but without the risk of being raided. 
    • If you choose to have an RP Only base you cannot own any raidables, the only exception to this is supplier jobs such as Gun Dealers, Black Market Dealers and Medics - you can sell your products whilst having an RP Only sign
  4. Building signs are utilized when creating a base to stop you from being raided. 
    • There is no time limit on how long you can have a Building sign for but you also cannot have raidables inside your base whilst this sign is up. 

Party Rules

  1. Party members cannot raid or steal from other party members. 
    • After leaving or being kicked from a party there is a 15 minute cooldown before being able to raid the party’s base. 
    • If you remove a player from your party you must give them their raidables. 
  2. Party members are able to defend their party members in every scenario. 
  3. Raid cooldowns are shared across your party unless you are a member of the PD. 

Mayor Rules

  1. You cannot create laws that contradict the default laws of the land. 
  2. You cannot create laws that: 
    • Restrict movement or the ability to use cosmetics. 
    • Make specific jobs or players illegal. 
    • Make non-dangerous weapons illegal. 
    • Make any form of speech illegal. 
  3. Lockdowns can be created with a valid reason, after you lockdown you should announce the reason. 

Police Department Rules

  1. Police cannot assist criminals. 
  2. Builds for the PD must stay within the PD.
    • Your main entrance cannot be PD vents.
    • The PD lobby and Bail NPC must be accessible at all times. 
  3. Illegal activity must be followed by an arrest unless the player is wanted, you can fast-wanted a player by right clicking with the nightstick whilst looking at them. 
    • If the player is wanted you can KOS them or arrest them. 
  4. You can only warrant for things you have visually seen or have been reported to you in an RP manner. 
  5. Illegal raidables cannot be allowed inside of PD, if you have knowledge of illegals inside of PD you must try to destroy them. 

Laws of The Land

  1. Raiding and stealing is illegal. 
  2. Raidables detected by the contraband scanner are always illegal.
  3. Harming players is illegal unless you are inside your base defending it. 
  4. Laws can be enforced with KOS if the player is wanted. 

Staff Sits

  1. To request a sit with a Staff member to report a player type ‘@ *sit reason here*’.
    • Sits created through @ must have a valid reason and not intentionally waste Staff time.
  2. You can create sits to report players you believe broke the server rules. 
  3. Once you create a sit you should expect to be brought at any time after, this can be a short or long wait depending on the amount of sits and Staff online. 
  4. If you are in a Staff sit you must wait until the sit concludes before leaving. 
  5. If you disagree with the outcome of the sit you can appeal Bans and Warns on the Forums, never argue in the sit as it only makes your case worse.
    • All ban and warns appeals are viewed with no bias, do not fear reporting Staff or players you believe wronged you. 
  6. For issues that are related to bugs, broken items or anything that can’t be resolved in-game you can create support tickets for higher-ups and the Owner to view on Discord in the #support channel. 


  1. Your models chosen cannot break any of the default rules including NSFW/Racism/Political or anything in-between. 
    • Models that are overly sexual or include nudity fall into the NSFW category. 
    • Models that show characters or people who are controversial may fall into the racism/political categories. 
  2. You cannot have invisible or hard to see models. 
  3. You cannot have overly large or invasive/annoying models that obstruct other players gameplay. 
  4. You cannot have small models intended to abuse hitboxes, this is mostly a problem in bases and is a case-by-case basis. 
  5. If you break any of the wardrobe rules you may be subject to punishment and possibly a blacklist from the entire addon. 
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