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  2. awesome hopefully you can get the knives resolved eventually also
  3. The disabling of Kleiner Cannon and other PTSD SWEPs was due to loading related issues with that weapon pack. I am sorry for the inconvenience and long delay however you will be able to use these weapons on restart. Knives are a tricky topic and I can't resolve that one right now unfortunately.
  4. If you feel strongly about it, make a post on the suggestion section of the forums and follow the format.
  5. I remember when the Kleiner Cannon was out... everyone shooting it, having fun. Till it got blocked for some months then unblocked then blocked. I just want it to be unblocked for having banned for sucha long time. don't even get me started on the ursus knife...
  6. ACCEPTED You have made a good impact on the Community in a positive way, you're a very likeable and entertaining guy who so far to me seems pretty laid back which is good for Staff. I will be curious to see how you do - good luck! Your assigned Mentor is: @ThiccYe YOU ARE REQUIRED TO FINISH A TRAINING SESSION WITH YOUR MENTOR BEFORE TAKING SITS, IF YOUR MENTOR DOES NOT REACH OUT TO YOU OFFERING THIS SESSION REPORT IT TO ME IMMEDIATELY SO I CAN GET IT SET UP. Keep an eye out for a ping in #rookie-barracks on Discord for further information. Staff Handbook Link Punishment Guidelines Link T-Mod Initiation Sheet (MUST READ)
  7. Yesterday
  8. "bind" "-" "say /advert Ayo, You lookin fine as wine (Rape)"
  9. I think this is a very unique and cool idea.
  10. I will be moving this to general discussion, if you would like to suggest these in the actual suggestions tab please do them one at a time.
  11. - Oh and give players a completely random crate on prestige, could be a mystery could be a lelantos.
  12. Pizza Chef Job - This is a job addon I've seen on a decent amount of new servers. You place pizza ovens down and put the ingredients together to serve the correct pizzas to customers. https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/zero-s-pizzamaker-food-script This is the link I could find for the correct addon. It's a new unique way of making money, as I think the current meth/cig meta is a little boring. It would add a new way of making good money that stays fun for a while, is easy to do for new players and the amount of money earned can be tweaked. Combat Suits - I've only seen two servers that have these implemented. They are equippable suits from your inventory, and do drop if you die with them on. This is the main balance feature of them as players are intimidated to permanently lose an item of such value. However, because it can be lost I agree with the power levels of them. Whereas you could continually use a weapon such as hellslinger, this comes with some risk involved. https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/armor-suits-now-with-saving-options I could only really find this link, but a good server to reference is ZARP. Custom suits with SWEPs, different models or abilities could be created and released occasionally, bringing collectors back for more! The suits are very powerful, however with the right base or weapon they are killable. Not much of a better feeling than killing someone with their $10 billion dollar suit on 😈. Zero's Trashman - I saw the server does have garbage piles and a city worker job. However, I find the Zero's trash addon to be the top of the line when it comes to those kinds of jobs. It has a lot of potential to make money, or even add a leveling system to it for some rewards. The addon comes with a trashgun that can be leveled, a trash burner that you would put the trash in at the beginning, and finally a trash compactor. The trash compactor allows you to recycle trash into higher tier recyclable items. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1795813904 This would be a great addon to think about, especially for new players or for someone who just doesn't feel like standing around in their base! Printer System in !unbox - Add some cool, unique and custom printers to the !unbox cases. I don't know whether this would be in a specific printer crate, or have a few sprinkled into existing/new cases. Either option I think is a good idea, you could add some money making potential based on how rare their printers are, and be able to add some other cool kinds of printers that would have players unboxing for hours just to get! *Optional but you could also add an item that allows you to pocket/put them back in your inventory after being placed, but I think once you drop the printer down it shouldn't be able to be picked back up, so they would have to be worth it! *NOTE* did not add a link because I think the printers should be up to owner, however I'd like to see a new kind of printer from a different addon. ZERO's Grow OP2 - This is a weed addon that is the most complex I've seen in the years I've played. It has a whole tablet interface with many different things to do. You could also add custom weed, VIP weed or special weed in the !unbox. A lot of players would find this more interesting than just simple storage upgrades, etc. I know there is already a lot of ZERO's addons, but dude really kills it. This would have a lot of potential on the server. https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/zero-s-growop-2-weed-script Some random suggestions: -Take out breach juice/make it more money -Add some new minigames to casino/f4 menu (something different like a card matching game) -Add a few more hellslinger tier GUNS. I feel like the guns are lacking a bit. -Spice up the airdrop island a bit (maybe some cover, or a building of some sort) - Do occasional RP map changes if not already being done! (ex:evocity or different downtown) -Already kind of suggested above, but instead of just city worker add multiple new city jobs such as trashman, lawn mower, etc. -Make crafting system a little more worthwhile/new items. I know a lot of the crafting is good, but for example if suits were added maybe you could craft a lower tier suit, or be able to craft some of the better weapons.
  13. I think it was my desk bind that i still have binded lol
  14. App looks good Seen you in game a lot Fun to be around you have been a great part of the community so im going to +1 this
  15. Enzo

    Anyone play OSRS??

    Sounds about right. I stopped at lvl 70 for years and didn't bother picking it back up until last year.
  16. Last week
  17. "bind" "n" "say /advert chicken feet (raid)"
  18. bind [ "say /advert Remember, No Russian (Terror Attack)"
  19. Had to stop playing because I cant transfer my stuff to PC for some reason (I switched to tablet for a while but wanted to go back) and the support team either will not help or takes half a year to respond so I gave up on OSRS unfortunately... not grinding those agility levels again no thank you
  20. I remember back in the days of 2007 I was learning how to bind K to kill in console and thinking I was some big shot gmod genius because I followed a simple guide online. Whats your first bind you learned?
  21. +1 Obama has been such a great addition to the community with his creativity and world building. Easy staff pick
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