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  2. It's all about the way you build your base and its defensive points, but there are plenty of bases to fit all of you?
  3. yes but thier is simply not a big enough base to fit all the russians in one base without it being crammed asf
  4. My favorite thing about the cannabis/weed job is that you spawn 4 pots and you're already making money. I just don't understand why 5 people would need an entire mega base/district when there's already garages and other bases that could fit you all. I don't think mega bases belong on Aether at all 😞
  5. this would be great for the suggestion to allow mega bases for these jobs..........
  6. IDEA Rules for mega basing Mega basing can only be allowed for italian and russian only You must have 5 people in a party to do a mega base you can place up to as many keypads as the player can place (6 keypads) You cannot use other players to place keypads for extra doors however u can have ur other russians/italans help place props to block off entrances The base must have one entrance.
  7. Last week
  8. Only issue I'm having is you received a RIS warning what looks like not even a full hour after posting the application. I'm not sure what the context of the warn is, but what I do know is that you left the staff team nearly 2 full years ago and since then practically everything has changed. I'm sure you've picked up on most of the changes since your return, however the warning tells me that you may need to wait a bit longer to ensure these types of mishaps or whatever happened, doesn't happen while staff. Keep up the consistent activity and my answer may change, +/-
  9. never even seen u before in my life dude who is this random mushroom guy named amanita phalloides +1
  10. buying aether logo 500m
  11. On skib that’s epic
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