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  1. I think I deserve to win because I’ve been a long time staff, AND my birthday is October 11
  2. not banned anymore, so irrelevant comments are irrelevant (or atleast wont be any min it was a minor mix up 😞 )
  3. +1Deserves a chance to learn, can use tmod to learn and be better.If you become tmod I feel people teaching you will make you overall a amazing staff and a way better community member. This applies here, from the last time you posted an app 🙂
  4. Alright. I’ll update this as time goes on. I hope we get to play again soon, I missed you you were moving up with me back then and I’m glad you are back 🙂
  5. -1 you had no real reason when we asked you why you were super inactive last time. I had tried to ask awhile back your only response was “I’m on today” the one day you were on at the time when you were missing for 2 weeks prior. when we finally got to the point of demotion (this took about 2 weeks of you being super inactive and nothing said from your end) you came back on the server the day you got demoted, and literally said “well I’m not staff anymore,I have no reason to be here” and haven’t been seen since… I personally feel with the huge 4 month gap of playtime this is way to soon for you to be re applying. you were a good staff, and had high expectations. But literally dropped off the face of the earth, with no warning of any sort… because of you had just talked to us you prolly wouldn’t have been demoted at all, but somewhere along the line there was a lack of communication. You only got your activity up this week, and that’s good but like said after 4 months I would want to see more then just a week to be sure your here to stay and not just going to disappear again. goodluck, and I hope to see you around a lot more, but to me it’s to soon for this.
  6. american is not cultured food. this poll is lame af if "american" food wins I'm American and that's not culture. no other country likes our food cause were uncultured fucks stealing food ideas from other cultures
  7. +/- You have had some negative behavior towards current staff.. You have warns against you, and upon looking at your base further it seems you were trying to get around some rules even with that base in general, as there are no doors, so technically its completely illegal and you cant even have it unless hobo/dwarf ... ( you had disconnected before I was able to come tell you that cause I was looking around the area for any sign of a door) I'm not sure if you should be staff with what I was hearing you say about a what would be your fellow staff member while spectating either.. We're all friends here and respectful. +To me you've always been a cool guy and I've never had problems with you. +Fair amount of time on the server Have changed opinion a bit after being in game with him and discord.
  8. no-one is desperate. We're doing the same things we've been doing since I even started. There's no change with how we bring in staff nor is any of the higher-ups "desperate" No-one said this. grow up, and go somewhere else if you feel that way, cause no-one pities you, or cares that you feel you need to bring it up every post. I was on a fair amount of time that he was on as well at the same times cause as stated we talked a lot pretty much everyday even while I was at work as buddies and played other games too, just maybe not at night when I was sleeping or while I was at work? my bad dawg
  9. +/- Leaning heavily towards -1 How long til you are burnt out again and you don't want to do this suddenly again? A day prior to you leaving you were high talks of wanting to keep moving up and also becoming a mentor, literally not even 12 hours of you leaving you were telling me that the night before. Still not looking past any of that, and I'm pretty sure you're the same trap so idk if anything is really different. You've also told me some pretty interesting things about a week ago about why you would be staff now anyway and it didn't seem very legit to me at all. (summing it up here... you said something about a "friend" and a "server" and it not being "Aether") +You are a good staff +You are active again (but I just keep thinking about the above statements) +You we're a really good friend (but fell off the same day you left and really haven't talked since then) I agree with you being staff, but on A LOT of other levels I do not anymore. These are just my opinions, and if given the chance you would be great 🙂
  10. +1 I do recommend getting more forum or the very least discord time, and see you more somewhere Your app is decent and you have no major warns of any kind, and you have increased your playtime since starting this. I agree in giving you a shot and everything bryan said is accurate. goodluck 🙂
  11. +/- You left swiftly last time and popped back up, I'm a little afraid you might disappear again Good staff last time around, and I can agree with you being staff this time I'm just having a hard time because I am scared you will leave quickly again.
  12. +1 Good application Seen on the server and other platforms. Knows rules and is mature
  13. Maybe you can share some information as to why you left to begin with before we continue with this, as no one really knows why you left frantically and out of nowhere to start. then I’ll give my opinion.
  14. Yo, I'm turning 27 I'm basically a dinosaur now.
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