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  1. I'm not gonna argue here with you, because that's just not true and you also followed me around and tried to spam hits on me afterward. Please see my appeal for a further explanation for anyone interested.
  2. had to go and rejoined 20 minutes later. i told u that i would give u the money but u wanted me warned instead.
  3. the other guy is basing with me in game right now. sorry u feel that way but I do my best to get along with people and also try not to take my sarcasm as passive aggression because I really don't have a problem with anyone and it may come across as rude when someone puts a personal opinion out as a fact and I correct them but its never my intention to be rude.
  4. +1 Really good application, best of luck!
  5. I won't argue in my application thread but I'd like to clear some things up by firstly stating that I've only had 2 interactions with you and both were negative. The first time I met you, you were standing outside of my base refusing to leave, claiming I was breaking a rule by having props stacked on my wall to prevent people from blowtorching inside although it was not a fading door and on the opposite side of my base from the entrance. You then called staff to come see it (BLKBEARD), who then cleared up the fact that it was not against the rules. The second encounter I had with you was in OOC chat when you made a baseless claim that someone in staff was abusing powers due to you randomly picking up a weapon and accusing someone of spawning it in and giving it to you, even though it's a commonly known bug that happens to everyone. Didn't mean to come across as rude but I just would like to suggest that you ask questions before making accusations in the future. I like to think I do my best to get along with everyone and hope that most people see that as well.
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