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  1. I also do graphic design and video editing/film study- maybe we will get along
  2. Also only critique is use different transitions
  3. get it, its like improbable but with prop instead of prob, im a comedic genius
  4. +1 , I've seen you in-game multiple times and think you can make a great addition to the staff team. Still just try to be active on the forums and dont feel afraid to speak your mind
  5. -1 Didn't follow the format, other than that cheers to a new year 🥳
  6. Ozymandias

    Highlights #2

    invite me to val sometime
  7. @highroller silencemaybe if you could help turn your friends around from trolling and rulebreaking while staff it'd show how well you are versed in the community and such.
  8. You can still do custom songs and Pop Stars on Expert+ is mmmmmmm amazing
  9. +1 Good Time , Good Activity on all platforms, only downside is those people tango mentioned other than that gj
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