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  1. me too buddy. you were mad rich and wanted that green enigma so badly.
  2. I joined the server a long time ago, when i was in like 6th or 7th grade when it was RetributionRP and I had the most fun on the server. I became staff and became admin pretty fast and enjoyed the ride. When the server became AetherNetwork i lost my flow, I got really busy with work and hopefully someone uses the admin position better and is active with it. Good luck to all and much love! @Papafrankku remember the times when we had parties that went off our screens LOL and made meth early morning lmaooo @Fakie been a good ride brother and good luck and much love to the rest ~Sincerely Yung Listerine checking out
  3. +1 for sure lux is really nice to everyone he runs into and makes the community more positive as a result i wish you luck on your app and i hope to see you on the staff team!
  4. +1 - Active - Have had no issues with you recently - Friendly in-game good luck gibz
  5. yeah atm im consentrated on using no sights and beaming from begining of the mag to the end and then going 8x then 16x but im in need of a new mouse lol. too much rage 🙂
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