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  1. Suggestion: Anakin Skywalker

    Link To Relevant Addons:


    How will this improve the quality of Aether?: Yes, I know the model is larger than 10mb but I will literally pay to have Anakin on the server. It's only 4mb larger but I wanna use this model soooooo bad. We got light sabers, why no Anakin 😭



    ^^^ seeeeee! he is scrumptious 

  2. 19 minutes ago, Ozyv2 said:

     In many scenarios players can be holding onto the job for a friend using the switchjob command, selling the job for lucrative gain as its a high demand job,  whether they are using it or not doesn't determine wether you are allowed to force them out of it as that is the Anti-Afk systems job. To me it seems hann was going out of their way to see if any were not at their keyboard in pursuit of a slot on the job. I can't help but say I'm slightly disappointed that the community is taking a somewhat biased stance as if this happened to any one of you, you'd be upset or angered the same way which would heavily impact aethers playerbase as the staff in particular are suppose to only moderate the server in a way that ensures every players experience is in their heart.


    Do I think moving forward jouaram needs to talk with staff and make sure everyone has their heads on straight and not using their powers for their own greed or pursuit of wealth? Yes.


    Do I think that this warrants a warn? No.


    Do i think hann had malicious intent, a toss up. She probably wanted a weed spot and looked for someone which already leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


    Do I think the community took the wrong stance. Yes 


    Do I think that there is bias in these replies yes.

    As I had stated in an earlier reply, I had been speaking with both Danny and ThiccYe regarding players holding jobs whilst not actively making money. I was given the okay to demote players who are obviously not using it. The job only allows 6 players to use it at a time, and with a chat full of players who are trying to try to use it for the first time or use it to actually make money, it seems fair to demote players who are just sitting watching tv and not using the job for 10 to 15 minutes. This was not an attempt to abuse my powers, obviously. I have recieved the okay from multiple higher-ups that the demotion was valid. There was absolutely no bias. I will express this again, as I have already stated many, many times before. It is not fair to hold a job that you are not actively using when it is in such a high demand. 

    Do you see me flying around looking for players AFK on Weed Grower? No. I was sitting in my base and was notified of the situation.

    And if you actually watch the video and look in the bottom left, I was already using the Weed Grower job at the time so how that is 'using my power for my own greed and pursuit of wealth' is beyond me. 

    Sorry but I don't think you actually listened or looked at any of the evidence provided.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Beardo31 said:

    While I admit I didn't handle you asking me if I used the job well, and that I hadn't used the job in about 10 minutes (as the ss shows), I still believe you had no right to enforce a nonexistent rule with no proof that my purpose of becoming weed grower was to sell it when in fact I'm against selling the job, I've said many times before that people should just give the job away, and I myself give the job away too so new players can get a chance to make lots of money. I was in fact going to set up a base, but my previous one had been deleted by the prop's owner so I took a break as it made me lose the feeling of wanting to base, so I figured I could interact with the community by watching TV with some people until you had came along.

    The weed grower job is in high demand. It is unfair on other players who are actually wanting to use the job to just sit down and watch tv, not using the job. We had no idea of knowing your intentions to sell or to just sit AFK on it, however, you were not actively using it for 10 minutes (as you stated). In that time so many players had expressed they were wanting to use it. You can't just hog a new job that is in high demand. It is not fair.

  4. Just today I had  been speaking with @Danny_Mcflurry and @ThiccYe about players sitting on Weed Grower not actively using the job. I had a friend tell me there was a Weed Grower sitting in a room near fountain watching TV with no set up. I teleported to you and asked you about it, you immediately ran away. I kept asking and then you suicided. I don't understand why you would feel the need to do this when it is a simple question. By the way, I do not need to be Staff On Duty to do my staffing job. 

    I checked the logs to see when you had last actively used the job and you had been Weed Grower for 49 minutes at the time my screenshot had been taken and the last you used any items from the job was 16 to 20 minutes prior, only placing hydro pots. You were not actively growing weed or anything. And then as soon as you were called out on it, you decided that you were going to base then. I'm sorry, but it if not fair to other players who haven't had a chance to use the job yet. 

    Evidence below:


    I will admit that In the clip I mentioned a rule that I am not entirely sure will be getting added, and it is just in discussion at the moment. But then I told him if he had an issue he could take it to Jouaram. 




  5. 2 hours ago, Oddity said:

    If this gets denied I'm going to make Hann shit on your keyboard.

    It's true, I will 😈


    Also +1 cause the matrix is fuckin dope and my old dog was named neo

  6. 2 hours ago, Ozyv2 said:

    Where to begin

           It's been prefaced before that even if you didn't mean to kill somebody that it is still a "Random Deathmatch" which is still holding true to the description, you initiated intentionally or not by throwing a grenade in a public place which deals damage and in my eyes if you had PW and such then this is justified.


           Be more mindful of whom you are around when deciding to throw grenades at around as it may land you in water that you didn't want to be around.


           As the saying goes, don't play with explosives.



    Well said.


  7. 10 hours ago, Trem0r said:

    This was not a ban from today, this is a 2 day ban that was issued on 7/15/2022 at 22:41. 

    You were walking up to players and just asking yes or no and if they said the wrong answer you killed them, this is not allowed because the player had no information about the result of what would happen and you did not give any kind of context that it would result in them being killed, making it RDM.





  8. 5 minutes ago, Korby said:

    I mean I use the same thing during purge when a little rat is hiding or when someone is raiding me. I hold X and if their near me, it will say they can hear me. Idk though he's pretty cool and doesn't seem like the type of person to use aimbot and ESP

    Using proximity chat to see if players can here you doesn't give away their exact location. You would need to look around first. Not directly look at them through a wall.

    And you can't exactly judge the characteristics of a player through a video game. I have had the most trustworthy of players break rules. Anyone can deceive you if they try hard enough.

  9. Okay, so from what I can see in the evidence provided... You are looking around and snapping to the location of Danny when there are walls between the two of you. He had no-clipped into that area above you in the building to test if you would see him and you spin around to check, double take and then head straight for him. 

    A few seconds later you turn out the window to see Nut Saque across the fountain. He hadn't yet peaked around the corner of the wall and you were already aiming at him. This was a little bit suspicious. 

    Due to there being a fair amount of solid evidence against you, and that you are unable to provide evidence to support your claims, I do feel this ban was valid. 


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