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  1. +/- Have yet to see you around in-game so I can't exactly give a valid answer. I feel like some of your answers could use some work in regards to length, the actions you would take and what exactly you would be warning the players for.
  2. what have you done with this poor man?
  3. Dude, we've missed you so much! I can't wait for you to come back 🙂 You better re-rank! Also congratulations on having your own place and getting a job! Proud of you, man!
  4. +1 Cool fella. Smells like cheese.
  5. I'm so sorry to hear that things haven't been well, Douey! I hope you will be doing better soon. If there is anything I can do to help you (well as much as I can do all the way from Aus), please let me know! We look forward to you returning 🙂❤️
  6. +1 Bossman is a really nice, chill guy that I have had the pleasure of basing with and becoming friends with. I feel his patient and understanding attitude will do well staffing.
  7. I don't think a +1 does Soula justice if I'm being honest. She has been nothing but a pleasure to be around ever since I joined Aether and I'm surprised she hadn't applied for staff sooner. I would love to see her take on staffing (more female staff whoop whoop) and join the staff family. I know you will do an amazing job 🙂 +100000000000000000000
  8. Definitely not me. Have a good day
  9. Waddup, Aether peeps! Finally got around to making another montage 😄 Enjoy! ps. chimp smells funny
  10. Cya later, bames. Have a good one
  11. +1 You've been a pleasure to be around in-game! Very nice and understanding. I don't doubt you would make good staff given the chance 🙂
  12. +1 rat dwarf watch food challenges with enzo and i
  13. +1 I haven't had any issues with you and would love to see you take on staffing!
  14. hello! welcome to aether 🙂 have this meme
  15. im making a tier list just to put you at the bottom (ps. send me the one you made)
  16. I got up to 700mill a couple of weeks ago, but then the new crates came out and I spent all of it. I have an issue with buying items and donating all of my money, so I rarely go over 200mill.
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