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  1. Right now I'm hosting an giveaway in the form of a scavenger hunt, I posted about it already but since it could be a little confusing I'm gonna explain it a bit here. The scavenger hunt will be held on a website I made, it follows a story that you can follow but you don't need to if you want to win the prize. The prize for winning it gets raised by 10M every comment this post gets, the starting point was 10mil but right now its at 50m. Only one person will win the prize. That's all, just wanted to explain a bit since the original post didn't really include any information.
  2. IP LOCATED CONNECTION HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED https://tonysterminal.neocities.org Good luck.
  3. after around 16 days of my temporary leave i sparked interest again, so yea im back wooooooooooooo
  4. hi! you may or may not know me! i joined the server october of 2021 and have been playing for a while since, to say i'm a regular on the server would probably be accurate however recently i've been losing interest, which isn't out of the ordinary since every other month i'll get bored of gmod but i think this time it's a little different. i haven't found much reason to continue playing recently, i joined this server because of a friend of mine, i still hang out with them ( as i write this im in call with them actually ) but they lost interest a while ago, and i'm starting to feel the same it just isn't fun anymore, though, i think my tipping point started after the gun update, i frequently raided places but then lost interest afterwards, the new gun meta felt kind of unbalanced, with a weird gap between amazing guns and mediocre ones. so then i moved to one off stuff, i realized at a point you didn't need money to have fun, and honestly making money wasn't fun either. i would just open nightclubs or art galleries or photoshoots. but then i got bored of that stuff as well so then i moved to base building, which is probably the most recent ( and fun ) one, if it was late and i wasn't gonna be sleeping, why not hop on and build for a little? and now theres been a drastic change to that as well i dont think im gone for good, its just an indefinite thing, im probably gonna gain interest again and come back but its for sure different this time, the server has changed alot since i first joined and its not stuff im equipt for final notes: i know i didn't have to make this a big paragraph but i felt like it was a little deserving since i do consider myself to sort of be apart of the community to everyone i met that is cool: you are cool i will probably be back eventually!
  5. Tony's Bank is now open after a long wait of planning, construction, and bad business decisions! When Tony's Pepoyoni Pizza Palace collapsed due to legal controversy revolving the use of skunk carcasses as a replacement for beef, Tony Pepoyoni decided to expand into new businesses, with Tony's Home Furniture being open, we had to think of something new, something innovative, something that couldn't get us into more animal related legal disputes... Introducing.... Tony's Bank! We even made an ad for it! 🙂 All of the budget went into it, please give us your printers, we're desperate. PEPOYONI™️ " Yeah, we can't spell pepayoni right but you're also a fuckin nerd so who wins this one? "
  6. new character in the pepoyoni cinematic universe just dropped, unfortunately they will be dying after april 1st ends of a rare disease.
  7. i should win cause im awesome and love everyone, also i havent spent a dollar on the server ever so im basically the best ever
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