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  1. +1 You have a bit of a history, but lately you have been incredibly chill and fun to interact with. I think you also have the right maturity and potential for staffing and I see no reason why not to let you get a shot at T-Mod and see how you do. Just stay out of trouble and you are on the right track for it.
  2. Webslinger has gotta be favorite. Not a good weapon but fun to use when good with it
  3. Fallout New Vegas vibes, looks awesome
  4. -1 until I see much more consistent activity and behavior showing you can stay out of trouble. You had concerning warns before and went inactive before you could show us you matured, so I would just like to wait some more time before you get accepted for staff.
  5. +1 You are always incredibly chill and friendly with others, and show great maturity constantly. Very well done application I think you could do great at staffing.
  6. +1 While you’re recent activity isn’t the greatest, I trust you to know when you are ready to commit to staffing again. You were always incredibly capable at staffing and friendly to all, I see no reason why you should be held back from coming back to the team.
  7. +1 You are very active and put in really good efforts to interact within the community. You have stayed out of trouble for a while now and definitely seem mature enough to take on staffing, as all my interactions with you have been nothing but pleasant.
  8. Good activity in game and on forums as well. You seem very mature and definitely have potential for staffing. +1
  9. You do seem like a cool dude and I think it would be worth a shot at letting you try out tmod. Although I’d still like to see you come out of your base and interact with other players more. +1
  10. +/- You application is really well made and shows you’ve put effort into learning the rules and how things should be done on the server. I have yet to really interact with you in game and/or see you interact with other players, mostly since you are relatively new to the server. Keep working on your activity and community interactions and I’ll keep an eye out for you to see if that will sway my vote.
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