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  1. +1 Ive always wanted you to apply, and I know we’ve talked about it a few times so I’m surprised to see this lol. I think you’d do great as staff, and would be a great addition to the team. My only concern for you is that there’s been times where you let your anger get the better of you when interacting with others. I haven’t seen or heard of this in a while, so hopefully it’s no longer an issue, but keep in mind that it would not be acceptable to have those moments as a staff member.
  2. My only issue with you becoming staff would be your attitude towards other players, especially ones you aren’t a fan of, as well as the perception you give when you make jokes that are a bit too edgy. You make a lot of jokes that are borderline NSFW or toxic, and as a player it can be a bit of fun but as staff it would only let mingey players think that it’s okay and they will take it too far. As for your attitude towards other players, I feel as though you can get vindictive towards players you don’t like, and that can lead to being a biased staff member. I think staffing would be very easy for you given your time played on the server, and I think you’d do great as long as you keep in mind what I’ve mentioned as well as making sure you are the only one using your account.
  3. -1 Not enough recent and consistent activity, 2 days isn't enough time for you to know the community or for the community to know you. Take some more time to play on the server and get to know everyone and how things work before shooting for staff
  4. https://aethernetwork.gg/index.php?/forum/12-ban-appeals/
  5. I should win because I’m not a racist
  6. Pimp and Escort would have to go together, but Bodybuilder is only one that doesn’t really have a purpose other than attracting minges
  7. That’s just how life goes, people come and go, and sometimes they don’t come back. This is a community that’s thrived before they came and it’ll thrive after they leave as long as effort is put into keeping it running. Hop on sometimes and meet some new people and I’m sure you’ll make some new friends that’ll have great impacts on you.
  8. Would love for you to elaborate on this.
  9. I would love for you to go into detail
  10. I’d like to win because I think it would be funny if I did
  11. +1 I feel like I have seen instances of slight immaturity or quick temper in the past, but since this application has been up you have been nothing but helpful, friendly, and welcoming to others and have shown a lot of dedication to playing the server. Good application and I think you definitely have earned a chance at staffing.
  12. +/- Your activity has fallen off a bit, but its not too terrible. I have also have some slight concerns about your maturity and how well you will take criticisms, but also not major enough for you to not deserve a shot at staffing. If your activity picks back up to a consistent and frequent level then I think you could definitely earn a chance at T-Mod
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