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  1. I gotta say i agree with Tango. There's times where you don't seem to have good intentions with other players and while it may seem like all jokes for you, I think you take it a bit too far and cross the boundary of ruining another players time on the server. Just don't think you're quite fit for staff with your current attitude.
  2. -1 After some interactions I’ve had/seen with you, I just don’t think you’re quite ready for staffing. You let others words get to you and will need much thicker skin for the toxicity that staff endure. You’re knowledge and understanding of rules could use work as well. You’re definitely a cool guy and have good intentions for the server and hope to see you work on what you need if you truly want staff.
  3. +1 You were very solid staff member before and I think we could use you on the team now, although I would like to see some more consistent activity across all boards while you have this application up.
  4. Anytime I see you on the server again it’ll be on sight
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