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  1. Updated 😄 Tagging some people in the clips @luxeray @dr. snortthisperc @Bryan @Lofi @Santa clause mr soon @Jouaram
  2. To be honest, I just want to win the custom discord role. I don't think I should win based on that merit alone though. And for that I think a regular player should win instead of me. I love the community and am happy to spend my free time on the server, helping players and hosting events. 😀 Luxeray Abusing That Time Donnie MRDM Your Momma On The Clip Romantic Roof Top -Donnie
  3. Raids automatically end once the raider either dies / respawns or leaves microphone distance of the entrance to the base, "over" is not a required advert. Your application looks pretty decent, coupled with obvious knowledge on how some aspects of Staffing work. I have interacted with you in-game many different times, and I cannot recall any negative interactions. +1 Good luck.
  4. I would say due to how long it's been since you were Staff, it may be a good idea to go through the Trial Moderator phase again, to really ensure you grasp the differences in Staffing from when you were Staff to now. (~15 months) +1
  5. -1 someone's app because they-1 your friend's app doesn't really mean much in my opinion. But thanks for sharing.
  6. +1 I think you should have a shot at Staffing. Your application is pretty good, with one minor error as @AV Zenie noted already. Good luck.
  7. AetherNetwork Re-Rank Application In-Game Name (List ALL variations, if accepted your Forum/Discord name will be changed to your most used one): [Donnie] Age: [25] Steam ID: [STEAM_0:1:64921724] Discord Tag: [beans2hot] Total Playtime: [6 months+] Timezone: [EST] Steam Profile: [Donnie's Steam Profile] Highest Rank You've Obtained: [Event Manager (Senior Admin)] Link your previous personal Trello Card: [Donnie's Trello Card] Re-Rank Questions When Staffing did you cause any issues that were brought up to you by another Staff member? If so, what?: None that I recall / was made aware of. Are you currently happy with your activity on the server and Forums as a player?: Not in the slightest. If that is an issue, I will wait the appropriate amount of time to reapply after getting my activity back up. Have you read the most up to date rules and Staff Handbook?: Yes. Are you certain you will be able to staff for 5 hours a week and finish 15 sits a week?: I am certain.
  8. Hey guys, I have decided to put together a folder of bases for anyone to use. These bases are relatively basic, and easy to setup. I will be updating this folder, adding more as time goes on, but for now there are several dupes all sorted and organized in this link: Base Dupes How to import a file / Use AdvDupe2 1. Download the text file. 2. Move text file to path: /steamapps/common/GarrysMod/garrysmod/data/**advdupe2** 3. Open Garry's Mod, use tool "Advanced Duplicator 2", use refresh button in top right for good measure. 4. Expand "Advanced Duplicator 2" folder 5. Right click file > Open 6. You may toggle "paste at original location" in the menu. 7. Left click to paste.
  9. +1 I have only interacted with you a handful of times, but each time has be pleasant. You seem like a cool dude, and I have no reason to hold back. Good luck.
  10. We were actually just listening to Michael Jackson without exchanging words, only looks.
  11. Adding on to ThiccYe's response, as I agree with all points made; Staff members should have a level of selflessness and humility that I just don't see with you currently. I think if you were to try and be more open minded and selfless it would certainly go a long way with the community and help you in becoming a better Staff member. That being said, these are all behavioral concerns and can absolutely be addressed and worked on if you so choose. Until I see positive change in these aspects my vote shall remain a -1. Goodluck!
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