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  1. It's saddening to hear you're resigning, i feel bad for just now responding, i wish you good luck with what you're busy with and in general, i hope to see you come back sometime, You're extremely welcome to come back anytime you're able to by surely everyone on the staff team and the community in general, you're very amazing to hang out with whatever it was for or we were doing. Your effort, help and dedication you've committed to Aether was & still is extremely appreciated, you, yourself are extremely appreciated, thank you and stay safe Donnie!
  2. We our sorry an invitation wasn't sent to you but the forums post is a invitation to everyone and i'm sorry you hadn't seen it in time :<
  3. Pizza Party is closed for the day!
  4. glad you took some nice pictures at the pizza party
  5. yeah not bad, not bad at all lol
  6. sorry that's not on our menu sir
  7. you have 11 billion dollars, i believe you can afford it
  8. 🍕 Pizza party coming soon to Aether Network.gg! 🍕 - PIZZA PARTY RULES - Respect, please be respectful at this party, this is not a zone to belittle people for who they are instead a place to get together and eat some pizza!!! Server Rules, please do not break server rules, an example of breaking server rules would be RDM, this is not a zone that enables you to break server rules. Try to Have fun! Eat some pixel, fake and fictional pizza with a pixel, fake and fictional drink whilst watching some media player TV, listening to some music in the background or anything else, chilling and talking - What will be at the party? - PIzza, I know some of you were thinking ( looking at you Ariestios in particular ) chicken wings covered in chocolate and sprinkles were going to be at the party, what i have to say to those who thought so is i'm truly sorry for not making it clear enough this is not that party but maybe next time Ariestios Media player TV, What goes well with pizza? i'd say watching something would be one of those things that goes well with eating some pizza Drinks, Yes, you heard that right, we'll have drinks at this party, you may be asking, "what drinks will you have?" that's where our menu get's into play but we'll get there shortly as we have more to go over on what will be at the party Chairs/Couches, you think we had chairs and couches? what are you crazy? you're sitting on the floor... just kidding of course we have top quality super comfortable chairs and couches made by only the best in town. ( hopefully you don't fall asleep at the party with how comfortable they are ) Tables, We'll have many tables to eat pizza at just in case this party get's jam packed! Music, Yes, for those of you wondering if music will be at this party, it will be! ( hopefully, if i paid the DJ enough, he hasn't got back to me yet ) Welcoming Bar, a nice cozy bar to hang out at and talk with friends, family or other other loved ones even with our amazing bartender's Art, amazing art made by our wonderful artist, Uncle Jerry People, hopefully people also to be at this party ( or my millions, sweat, tears, blood and really actually truly just my time lol put into this was all for waste ) - What's on our menu? - - Food - Pepperoni PIzza - $12 = 1 slice New York style Pizza made with fresh ingredients by our talented chefs Plant based Pepperoni Pizza - $14 = a slice New York style Pizza made with fresh ingredients by our talented chefs - Drinks - B Soda - ( Can ) - $1.00 = 1 can If you don't know what B-Soda taste like, think of brands like Coca Cola, Pepsi and all the other off brands but 5x better ( our opinion ), B-Soda is locally made and owned by our company, it's so good! in fact i drink it every day here in down town no i'm not saying that just to advertise i mean it! ( okay i am saying it to advertise but how do you think i'm able to fund this whole party, it's good alright. ) Water - ( bottle ) - $1.00 = 1 bottle Beer - ( 50% ALC per bottle ) - $5.00 = 1 bottle Think of most other beer brands taste and throw them out the window, i'm telling you, you won't even taste the alcohol with our beers they're filled of lots of flavor with a range of flavors to pick from, so those of you looking for alcohol at this party i'm telling you, you won't regret spending those 5 dollars for a beer! Beer Flavors - Strawberry Needs - Raspberry Sea - Banana Split - Blueberry Mash - Coconut Paradise YOU'RE NOT CHARGED EXTRA FOR THE PICKING OF A FLAVOR, INSTEAD PICKING OF A FLAVOR IS NEEDED TO ORDER A BEER OTHERWISE YOU MAY NOT ORDER A BEER. CONTACT US AT PIZZAPARTYBSODAFOUNDATION IF IT WAS NOT MADE CLEAR YOU HAD TO PICK A FLAVOR AND WHICH FLAVORS WE HAVE ( SO WE CAN AVOID TRIGGERING ALLERGIES ) IT IS IMPORTANT OUR EMPLOYEE'S FOLLOW THE CORRECT PRESAGES FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR COSTUMERS. - Where will this be hosted and what time should i be there? - Night club, outside of spawn near the nice beach! 2:30 pm EST, 2:30 pm is when we start opening up but you're extremely welcome to stay until we close ( should be open most of the day ) looking forward to seeing everyone thereee!!!!
  9. Yeah i love them too it'd be interesting if these could be moved by PD with a way into it from PD and make it a interrogation room but that wouldn't be exactly easy to add
  10. For me it's a 10/10 also, i love this map, i think it's perfect, i enjoy all the new bases/new spots it truly has me in awww, i'm looking forward to all the extra rp to be had going onsss
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