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  1. AetherNetwork Staff Application In-Game Name (List ALL variations, if accepted your Forum/Discord name will be changed to your most used one): [Npc_puppy] Age: [22] Steam ID: [STEAM_0:0:73213061] Discord Tag: [WR1Puppy#8909] Total Playtime (48 hours/2 days REQUIRED): [3mo 1d] Timezone: [Central] Steam Profile: [http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198106691850 Times you're most active (If you have a unpredictable schedule let us know): [3:40pm-9pm] General Questions How can you contribute to Aether?: I have been an active member in the Gmod community for over 10 years now. Developed and coded many things throughout the years including e2 and starfall. I excell in lua and I understand how administration goes for Dark Rp. Have you read the rules fully, understand and feel comfortable enforcing them as correctly as possible?: I read the rules within the first 2 days of being on the server and I understand them. Are you willing to listen to any Staff member guide you as a Staff, even if you feel you don't need to?: Yeah for the servers policies Are you certain you will be able to staff for several hours a week?: I will be able to staff 3-4 hours out of my day due to having a job and many other projects going on. DarkRP Rule Questions Raids can last how long?: 10 min If a player in your party dies whilst raiding, how long do they have to wait to come back and raid the same base again?: 30 for base and bank raid, 20 for pd raid What initiates a raid?: An advert If no raiding tool is being used can the player steal the item from a base without an advert?: Yes, because youre not using a tool or entity to initiate the raid. Give an example of a valid raid advert (type it as you'd type it in-game): /advert raid, /advert pd raid, /advert bank raid If the owner of the base is standing outside on their base entrances sidewalk as you're about to raid but haven't announced a raid yet, can you kill them?: No, because a raid hasnt been officialy called and no harm has been done. If you get arrested mid-raid can you return after your arrest?: Yes If you get RDM'd are you allowed to kill the RDMer back without repercussions?: No A player punches somebody unprovoked and runs away, the player who got punched calls a sit - what punishment would you give the instigator?: Rdm verbal warning List all default Laws of The Land: raiding an stealing is illegal, Entities detected by the contraband scanner are illegal, Harming players is illegal unless defending base, shooting dangerous weapons are illegal, laws can be enforced with kos if a player is in danger. drugs are ilegal. How many bases can you own per party?: 1 A player is refusing to co-operate with you in a staff sit, how do you handle the non-cooperative player?: Freeze them, listen to if they have anything to say, tell them the consiquences of their actions, proceed accordingly. Can you punish a player for intentionally ruining others time, even if they say it's out of fun?: Yes Give an example of a Staff abusing their powers and how you would handle it: Noclippiing into others bases and stealing, unreasonable noclip, admin cmds, physgun abuse.. Notify a higher up of the actions, dont instegate. A player is excessively RDMing, how would you intervene/stop them from continuing and what punishment would you give?: fbring, notify them of their crimes and give punishment up to 4 days depending on the destruction. A Mayor enabled a lockdown without reason and is refusing to turn it off, how do you resolve this?: Wait a couple minutes to see if it was a misclick, if report has been made then i would bring the mayor and ask what the reasoning for a lockdown is and if the reason was invalid then release the prisoner.
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