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  1. +/- Everyone is +1'ing so im natural But you have had a Warning within the last week for rdm which isnt a good look imo :l Good luck any who though 🙂
  2. +1 Cool guy Good App has done probably about 20 suggestions in the last month Yeah
  3. +1 Yeah I see Mr poop In discord alot and hes Petty Chill Should Be a great tmod 🙂
  4. +/- Leaning Towards - You are a cool kid and pretty fun to be around As Dread said some of the questions are wrong, You need to re read the rules and edit this post asap Good luck 🙂
  5. @Swuggzy Won the Event!!! Obama Got a Close Second Place (I Dont know his Tag ) Gj Boys it was fun 🙂
  6. Hey So I'm Hopefully going to Be hosting a Event This Weekend Its Going to Be a tournament Of 1v1s. 1st. My Nomad ( Pretty Much rarest Item on server ) 2nd. A Powered Up crate It will Go as Follows: Each player will Have At least 2 1v1's One Being the first round and one Against Other People Who have Lost. So In the End it will be One Person who previously Lost and One Player who has not lost yet. Any Sort Of Cheating Will Not Be allowed And you Will Be Removed From the Event No Warnings Given. The Arena Has Been Made by @RevoltPlaysSo thank you for that 🙂 Everyone Should Also Be given a Event Crate at the End. This is going to Be one of the Best Rewarded Event Probably Ever So you Are not Going to miss this! Get Practicing Lads!! ❤️
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