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Pointerz' Staff Application

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  • In-Game Name (List ALL variations, if accepted your Forum/Discord name will be changed to your most used one): pointerz
  • Age: 15
  • Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:82536254
  • Discord Tag: pointerz#2306
  • Total Playtime: 4 days, 15 hours, and 17 minutes.
  • Timezone: EST
  • Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/pointerzz/
  • Times you're most active (If you have a unpredictable schedule let us know): 2:30PM - 8PM

General Questions

  • How can you contribute to Aether?: I will do my best to enforce the rules and support anyone who sends out a ticket. I will try to help out other admins if they need it.
  • Have you read the rules fully, understand and feel comfortable enforcing them as correctly as possible?: Yes I have read over the rules and will do my best to enforce them.
  • Are you willing to listen to any Staff member guide you as a Staff, even if you feel you don't need to?: Yes I will, depending on whatever they say makes any logical sense or not.
  • Are you certain you will be able to staff for several hours a week?: I will try my best depending on my situation.

DarkRP Rule Questions

  • Raids can last how long?: Raiding time have to be 10 minutes long.
  • What initiates a raid?: Lockpicking, keypad cracker, throwing an EMP or grenade and /advert Raid.
  • If the owner of the base is standing outside on their base entrances sidewalk as you're about to raid, can you kill them?Only if the owner is in the distance of the raid.
  • List all default Laws of The Land
  • 1. Raiding is illegal.
  • 2. Money printers, drugs and explosive are illegal.
  • 3. Bitcoin Racks are illegal (small versions not included).
  • 4. Harming other citizens is illegal unless in self defense. 
  • 5. Threats are illegal.
  • 6. Kidnapping, theft and harming another player are illegal.
  • 7. Shooting firearms in public is illegal.
  • 8. Laws must be enforced with AOS instead of KOS unless the Police Officers life is in danger.
  • 9. AOS/KOS Laws must have a 10 second warning before enforcing.
  • How many bases can you own per party?: It has to be 1 base per party.
  • A player is refusing to co-operate with you in a staff sit, how do you handle the non-cooperative player?: I'd tell them if they do not comply it will add up to what they were doing earlier. Depending on what they were doing, I'd either give them a verbal warning, warning, or just a ban.
  • Can you punish a player for intentionally ruining others time, even if they say it's out of fun?: This would be NITRP, like for example, minging, mic spamming or just low end harassment. 
  • Give an example of a Staff abusing their powers and how you would handle it: Constantly using commands to benefit themselves, using god mode, or while raiding flying into their base and killing them to win the raid. Depending on what they are abusing I'd contact higher ups about the situation with proof of the logs and let them handle it.
  • A player is excessively RDMing, how would you intervene/stop them from continuing and what punishment would you give?: Depending on how many they kill it will vary but if it's nothing but MRDM it would most likely be a long ban sentence for MRDM and NITRP.
  • A Mayor enabled a lockdown without reason and is refusing to turn it off, how do you resolve this?: I'd boot them from their job and turn off the lockdown alarm.

Extra Comments: I have been a trial moderator last year for a little bit until my computer broke and I had to buy a completely new one which is why I am here now. I really love this server and the community in it and I hope to help out the community by moderating again. However, it has been awhile since I have really moderated anything staff related so I may need some help from time to time learning on what to do in specific situations or what not. Thank you for reading my application. - pointerz

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7 minutes ago, Dreadnaught said:

Don't recall you on the server but you have a very impressive app and an acceptable amount of playtime
good luck

I do recognize your name I think, I was around back of December of 2020 so it was quite sometime ago.

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2 minutes ago, RevoltPlays said:

+1 this application is much improved in comparison to the previous one and you have good playtime

I think you should get another shot 


41 minutes ago, Dreadnaught said:

Don't recall you on the server but you have a very impressive app and an acceptable amount of playtime
good luck


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3 minutes ago, Danny_Mcflurry said:


Everyone is +1'ing so im natural But you have had a Warning within the last week for rdm which isnt a good look imo :l 


Good luck any who though 🙂 

If only warnings had context to them. Context to that was that the party owner forgot to put my name on the door and I was basing with him and a raid happened and I killed the raiders but my name was not on the door and that was the main reason why I was warned. 

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You have decent Community feedback and have been a decent player over-all so far, I think you have earned the right to show us what you can do as Staff. 

Good luck!

Your assigned Mentor is: @RevoltPlays - be sure to finish a training session with your Mentor BEFORE taking sits!

Be sure to click on and read all links below before taking a sit - keep an eye out for a ping in #rookie-barracks on Discord for further information. 

Staff Handbook Link

Punishment Guidelines Link

T-Mod Initiation Sheet (MUST READ)

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