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Young N Ballin Staff Application

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AetherNetwork Staff Application

  • In-Game Name (List ALL variations, if accepted your Forum/Discord name will be changed to your most used one): Young N Ballin, Young Toby
  • Age: 25
  • Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:44179235
  • Discord Tag: Toby#3776
  • Total Playtime: 1w 2h 57m
  • Timezone: EST
  • Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198048624199/
  • Times you're most active (If you have a unpredictable schedule let us know): 5pm - 2am

General Questions

  • How can you contribute to Aether?: I've greatly come to enjoy the community that Aether has, I believe I've been quite active as well on the forums with suggestions & my opinions. I enjoy messing around with everyone I've met so far. I would like to help the members learn the rules to avoid breaking them and to punish the ones that are just here to ruin others fun. Every situation is different, I know to be understanding and to listen to each side. I enjoy helping others more than playing, so if accepted I'll be quick to help anyone that needs it.
  • Have you read the rules fully, understand and feel comfortable enforcing them as correctly as possible?: Of course, as well as I've always asked questions when certain rules don't fully explain certain situations. I'll always make suggestions as well when there are certain things that fall outside the boundary of the rules but should be considered FailRP or similar.
  • Are you willing to listen to any Staff member guide you as a Staff, even if you feel you don't need to?: Absolutely, I'm sure I'll have a few questions for how the warn system & logs work on this server.
  • Are you certain you will be able to staff for several hours a week?: Yes.

DarkRP Rule Questions

  • Raids can last how long?: 10 minutes
  • What initiates a raid?: Breaching in any way initiates a raid, as well as the necessary advert required.
  • If the owner of the base is standing outside on their base entrances sidewalk as you're about to raid but haven't announced a raid yet, can you kill them?: No. Only after you advert the raid may you kill them, otherwise it's RDM.
  • List all default Laws of The Land: 1. Raiding is illegal. 2. Money printers, drugs and explosives are illegal. 3. Bitcoin racks are illegal. 4. Harming players is illegal, unless defending your base. 5. Life threats are illegal. 6. Having a gun license automatically makes all weapons on the user legal whilst holstered. 7. Kidnapping, harming, and theft is illegal. 8. Using dangerous weapons in public is illegal. 9. Laws must be enforced with AOS instead of KOS unless the police officers life is in danger or the player is wanted. 10. Non-default Laws must be things that players have to go out of their way to do. 11. Laws that are seen as baiting kills or arrests are not allowed.
  • How many bases can you own per party?: One
  • A player is refusing to co-operate with you in a staff sit, how do you handle the non-cooperative player?: After he doesn't listen to my request to stop, I'd either freeze him or mute/gag him depending on what they're doing.
  • Can you punish a player for intentionally ruining others time, even if they say it's out of fun?: Yes, depending on the situation. If it's a situation that they're not breaking rules however, I'd try to get the person to understand the other person isn't having fun & to leave them alone. If after this discussion and the person continues I'd consider it harassment and punish accordingly. Obviously there are different levels to this so I would take that into consideration.
  • Give an example of a Staff abusing their powers and how you would handle it: The use of noclipping while they're raiding, obviously they shouldn't be using it without staff reason. I'd get the evidence needed and report it to a veteran admin. I'd avoid confrontation just to avoid problems in this scenario, if it were something I may of taken out of context I would question them on it.
  • A player is excessively RDMing, how would you intervene/stop them from continuing and what punishment would you give?: If it's clearly mass rdm I'd freeze/teleport the person to stop anymore carnage. Take him to an admin sit and punish him for his actions, I'd ban him for 3 days for mass rdm if it's their first offense.
  • A Mayor enabled a lockdown without reason and is refusing to turn it off, how do you resolve this?: I would let them know they need a reason to initiate a lockdown, such as someone is raiding PD. Tell them to stop the lockdown and to not do it again without reason. If he continues to refuse after being told, I'd punish them as needed after looking over past warns.

Extra Comments:

I've had past staff experience in another server some years ago. I was head-admin on a server called BallisticRP, it had shutdown after a couple years or so but a majority of my gmod hours were on that server alone. It has been about 5 years since then though, only started getting back into gmod when I started playing on here. I'm quite committed to a community once I've seen it's worth my time, this server definitely is. Once I've fully come to understand how the logs and such work, I believe I'd make a great addition to the staff team.

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2 hours ago, Dreadnaught said:

I haven't interacted with you too too much but you seem alright.  I've seen you a couple times on the server(did you used to be Young Toby?), and you have good activity on the forums.  I'm sure the previous staff experience will help out too.
Good luck Toby.

Yeah, I had shortly used that name but had switched back. I'll add that in to the application, didn't think about it.

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You have gained a lot of Community Support whilst keeping consistent healthy activity and not causing any problems from my knowledge. As long as you stay committed and are open to learning how we Staff you should do solid. Good luck!

Your assigned Mentor is: @Novva


Keep an eye out for a ping in #rookie-barracks on Discord for further information. 

Staff Handbook Link

Punishment Guidelines Link

T-Mod Initiation Sheet (MUST READ)

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