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Gabe’s Staff App

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AetherNetwork Staff Application

  • In-Game Name (List ALL variations, if accepted your Forum/Discord name will be changed to your most used one): Gabe Itch
  • Age: 24
  • Steam ID76561199041403957
  • Discord Tag: Fatalk#0394
  • Total Playtime: 1w 5d 4h 36m
  • Timezone: EST
  • Steam Profilehttps://steamcommunity.com/id/fatalk806/
  • Times you're most active (If you have a unpredictable schedule let us know)M-F 6:30-12 PM / Weekends are variable but on anywhere from 2pm to like 2-3AM

General Questions

  • How can you contribute to Aether?I think I would be able to positively contribute to the community as staff because I really enjoy playing on this server and I want to see it thrive and as staff I would be able to do my part to help keep it a great server to be on. I enjoy helping people and I think it would be awesome to get to help people understand the rules on the server, keep the “riff-raff” out, and be there when a person has questions for things that may not be clear to them, or just be there to give them advice or tips and tricks for newer players. There are many grey areas that I have noticed in the server and I would like to try to help contribute to making there be less of those. I know that that can be done as a regular player but I feel that you get a better understanding as a staff member. I know how to listen and I think I know how to be rational with decisions when it comes to punishments and corrective actions. 
  • Have you read the rules fully, understand and feel comfortable enforcing them as correctly as possible?Absolutely. Im sure there are somethings that I don’t know, which is probably the usual for most people that are trying to become staff, and that’s one of the many reasons I would like to become a staff member.
  • Are you willing to listen to any Staff member guide you as a Staff, even if you feel you don't need to?: Absolutely. 
  • Are you certain you will be able to staff for several hours a week?: Absolutely. 

DarkRP Rule Questions

  • Raids can last how long?: 10 minutes.
  • What initiates a raid?: To initiate a raid you must say “/advert raid”.
  • If the owner of the base is standing outside on their base entrances sidewalk as you're about to raid but haven't announced a raid yet, can you kill them?: No. That would be considered RDM. 
  • List all default Laws of The Land: 
  • -drugs, explosives and money printers are illegal 
    -bitcoin racks are illegal - the big ones, small ones are legal 
    -raiding is illegal
    -harming other players is illegal except for base defense 
    -making life threats is illegal
    -having a gun license makes all holstered weapons legal for the player 
    -its illegal to kidnap/steal/hurt someone else 
    -useof dangers weapons in public is illegal 
    -laws must be enforced with AOS unless the player is wanted or the officers life is in danger then the officer can enforce with KOS 
    -laws that bait kills are not allowed.
    -non default laws have to be things that a player has to go out of their way to do. 
  • How many bases can you own per party?: 1
  • A player is refusing to co-operate with you in a staff sit, how do you handle the non-cooperative player?
  • if a player was refusing to cooperate with me, there are many ways that someone could do this but we’ll say that the player is mic spamming and not listening in the sit. I would mute/gag the player and then I would tell them that they need to stop what they’re doing and that they should take this more serious and explain that if they do not they they might not have a chance to explain their side of the story to possibly not be punished for whatever reason brought them to the sit. then I would explain the sit to them and then I would unmute/ungag them and if they became cooperative, situation over, if they were still uncooperative I would mute/gag again, then most likely depending on the scenario give them another chance to calm down and if they do not I would then say that their chance to explain their side of a story was over and proceed with punishment for whatever they did to get into the sit in the first place. Then unmute/ungag them again.
  • Can you punish a player for intentionally ruining others time, even if they say it's out of fun?
  • I think there are variables left out that make this question a little difficult to have a great answer or maybe I’m just overthinking it but I would say, if a player is repeatedly (more than ONE time) ruining other players time, even if they say its out of fun, that they can be punished for toxicity or harassment depending on the situation. What is fun to this player could be irritating/miserable for other players and the player that is “having fun” should be punished. I would say if it is only one time to tell the player to stop and explain it to them and if they continue to do it then go ahead with the punishment.
  • Give an example of a Staff abusing their powers and how you would handle it
  • No-clipping to see in or around a base and then raiding after they see the base lay out.
  • if I was staff and saw another staff member doing this I would immediately clip the incident if seen and I would escalate the situation to a higher up staff member and I would provide them with the information and clips I have taken.
  • A player is excessively RDMing, how would you intervene/stop them from continuing and what punishment would you give?:
  • if I had seen a player MRDMing or had gotten a report of a player MRDMing I would immediately freeze them (i would only freeze if still RDMing) and pull them into a sit and talk to them to try and figure out what was happening. If it was just blatant MRDM I would give them a 3 day ban.
  • A Mayor enabled a lockdown without reason and is refusing to turn it off, how do you resolve this?:
  • I would pull the mayor to a sit and try to see why they won’t turn it off. Then I would try to explain to them that what they’re doing in my eyes is job abuse and that it is punishable. Then I would ask him that if I were to return him would he turn the lockdown off? if he says yes and did turn it it off then situation over. If he says no / gets returned and does not turn it off I would then look into their previous warns and punish them accordingly. (If it’s actually not job abuse then I would punish them for the correct thing, but that would be something I seek to learn as staff)

Extra Comments:

Thank you for taking the time to read my staff app! 

if my name is something that I would need to change in order to become staff I can certainly do that and I do not want that to be something that holds me back. 

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+1 Great app and as far as the name goes Its not really anything to be censored about IMO its not overly obnoxious or inappropriate. Though you could always change it to The Trash Man 😃



I need an Advil, a roll of duct tape, a pack of peanuts, and four beers.


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We haven't interacted too much but I do see that you've gained lots of Community Support whilst keeping solid activity on the server. I hope you do well and are willing to work with reviewers/mentors to become the best you possibly can. Good luck!

Your assigned Mentor is: @BryanV2 @Bryan


Keep an eye out for a ping in #rookie-barracks on Discord for further information. 

Staff Handbook Link

Punishment Guidelines Link

T-Mod Initiation Sheet (MUST READ)

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