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Noodles/Noobels-Goodbye Aether


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It has been a lot of fun, but my time has come. I have met a lot of people on the server and have spent over 2 weeks of my life playing. I had lots of fun finding exploits and ways to prop surf around the map, building bases that cannot be raided and feeding my gamboling addiction with coin flips and crates. I am leaving because of pure boredom and lack of interest and motivation in grinding for money. I can see why people love it, it's a way to relax and spend your time but I have done it for to long. 

I played on ret for 2 years. I wasn't very rich or was well known back then but I loved the trading system and the op weapons. Then after ret died I went on and played on the Custom RP server. And slowly I stopped playing it. Then I joined the new Dark RP server a week after release and just asked @Jouaram to give me tmod, to my surprise he gave me it. I went on to become mod with @Beth and @Unknownspy❄️. I feel after the toy crates were removed  and the events stopped with @Dildozer leaving I lost my motivation to play on the server, there wasn't anything more I wanted to work towards. 

Anyways it was fun hanging out with most of the people on the server. 


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