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  1. Episode Two Paco Has Bought A Gun. Just in case he spots it.. or it spots him... Along With That, He Adopted A Dog. To keep him company. Paco Had Been Advised To Board Up His Windows. It can't see him nor can he see it. But Lately, The Dog Has Been Disappearing. It comes back every now and then, totally normal like nothing happened. But Paco caught this picture last night..
  2. I want to win because I want premium so I can build big buildings like Dlyxn or Tim Hopgood!
  3. Paco Has A Problem... Paco Lives In Foggy Hills, Just Outside Of The City (Downtown). It's a densely packed Forest and Paco just recently moved in a lonely house in a clearing. Every night he hears strange noises coming from the woods. He's Been Drinking.. Trying to Cope Paco Observes The Trees Every Night. Always finding something.. moving.. not in the shape of a bear or deer... Something Is Watching Him.... What Should Paco Do? Comment Below!
  4. @TimHopgood According to Tim, DaMovies is a hangout spot, like an Activities session in Discord where you watch YouTube with your friends. It's a very nice build, it is made in the movie theater and makes everything smaller. Some might think this is a bad thing but in a way, it gives a certain feeling. Where it's poor and cramped but in a way it brings you closer together because everyone can hear you and you don't feel alone. The size of the TV is perfect as in the original theater, the screen is too big to be comfortable. Conclusion: 4/5 Cozy, friendly, great TV, socialization Would come again and again to talk with people and to have a laugh
  5. @DylXn The outside of the Hotel is beautiful, it has pillars, lights, plants, etc. It is built very well and definitely attracts the eye. The lobby has a very nice atmosphere to it and feels cozy. I like the stone decoration in the second picture because it gives a castle-like feeling. The free coffee, water, and books make it very hospitable. Now onto the room itself.. The room has basic needs like a fridge, stove, bath, toilet, and sink. However there is no kitchen sink so I had to add one myself. Otherwise, the room is very spacious and has about everything I need. The bedroom has enough space to fit my bed, printer, computer, and my desk including more. This space lets me use it for a lot of different things but right now my business that sells firearms. Conclusion 4.8/5 -0.2 for no kitchen sink Incredibly spacious, has basic necessities, owner allows modification, pet friendly, cheap Would stay at again
  6. Paco Paco Is Me Paco Want To Bring Positivity Paco Want To Socialize Paco Want To Be Happier And Laugh Q&A? Advice?
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