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  1. The three winners have been randomly selected. The Winners are: - @MiSli - @Tequila - @gavin098 Congratulations, I will reach out to you on Discord to get your rewards to you - if you do not get a DM from me it's because I cannot find your Discord and you should DM me ASAP: Jouaram#9120
  2. AetherNetwork.gg DarkRP Giveaway To enter, comment below why you believe you deserve to win or post something funny/interesting. Only post 1 time, if you post multiple times your posts will be removed and you will be disqualified. 3 Winners will be chosen at random 1st October 2021 or if we get 100 entries before the 1st. All Winners Receive: -A Custom Discord Rank. -$10,000,000 in-game cash. -Premium OR 15,000 Aether Bucks. Good luck to everyone who enters!
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    This is when the informative Staff-Meetings are held. Trial-Moderator and above!
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    This is when game-night is held for Staff. Trial-Moderators and above only.
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    This is when the informative Staff-Meetings are held. Moderator and above only.
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    This is when game-night is held for Staff. Trial-Moderators and above only.
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    This is when game-night is held for Staff. Trial-Moderators and above only.
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    This is when the informative Staff-Meetings are held. Moderator and above only.
  9. The winning numbers are: 32, 1, 2 - congratulations! 32 - @FirePhox 1 - @FlameZ 2 - @SaggyFatFace I will reach out to all of you on Discord to receive your rewards - thanks everyone else for participating!
  10. AetherNetwork.gg DarkRP Giveaway To enter, pick a number between 1-100 and post it below. Everyone gets to choose only once, and you cannot choose the same number as someone else. 3 Winners will be chosen 1st June 2021 or if we get 100 entries before the 1st. All Winners Receive: -A Custom Discord Rank. -$5,000,000 in-game cash. -Premium OR 5,000 Aether Bucks. Good luck to everyone who enters!
  11. AetherNetwork.gg DarkRP Rules Need help? Contact a staff member in-game by typing @ followed by your question/request! Always let Staff have the final say, if you disagree come straight to the Forums and fill out a forum complaint - arguing in-game will only make your case worse! Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/T4NRJxt Basic Rules Be civil, this is a game - treat it as one and have fun; if you are intentionally ruining or disrupting others' gameplay you will be punished accordingly. Your actions can be seen as disruptive when you're bothering others without any gain to yourself. (Raiding for example can bother players but it's part of the game and has incentive to do it.) Keep any political/racist/hate speech/toxic behavior and words out of the game, Forums and Discord. Any NSFW jokes/statements/builds should be satire and not offensive, Staff may punish for NSFW if it is deemed excessively inappropriate. This means no nudity, no ERP, no sexual gestures/actions/words aimed at other people. Builds made from props are usually okay as long as they're contained within your allocated basing area. Cheating, exploiting, and scamming are strictly disallowed. Killing or damaging another player without a valid reason from your current in-game life is RDM. NLR is enforced at 3 minutes from your death. You can return to the location (even mid base defense) as long as your NLR time is up. Upon being killed by another player the RP situation between you ends, you cannot revenge kill after death. (Raids are an exception again, you can try save your base AFTER NLR). If you are RDMed and 100% certain it's RDM, then NLR does not apply and you may return. If the death was from a Hit you may return to the location you died but you cannot interact with the Hitman. Being arrested does not trigger NLR however the game-play scenario between you and the cop ends and you cannot revenge-kill them for arresting you afterwards. If you have a clipping software available and can swiftly provide clips in any sit you're brought to you can retaliate with force to players shooting/swinging at you with any dangerous weapon or arrest stick/nightstick. If you do not have a clipping software you must wait until you receive at least 1 damage from the player before retaliating. Party members cannot raid/steal from other party members, there is a 15 minute cooldown before raiding a party you have left. Kicking a player from your party does not forfeit their raidables, you must offer the raidables to the player you're kicking. Party members can defend their party members in every situation. Using commands/binds to automatically farm whilst AFK is disallowed in all cases. Avoiding the AFK timer with commands/binds/scripts/macros or anything else is strictly forbidden in all cases. No mic-spamming unless you are a DJ and inside of your own base or in a stationary area. No ear-rape or excessively loud noises under any circumstances. A stationary area for DJs must not be within microphone distance of bases that haven't given permission to the DJ. Impersonating other members of the Community (banned or not banned) is disallowed in all cases. Using alternative accounts to farm money/Aether Bucks or claim codes to give to your main account is disallowed in all cases. Running into spawn/any Event area with pvp disabled or killing yourself to avoid gameplay scenarios is strictly disallowed. Gameplay scenarios would be things such as arrests, kidnappings or any scenario where you are required to participate in order for the gameplay to function. Your name must at minimum have 3 English letters with no spaces or characters between them. Warning Rules Warnings can be utilized by players to get rid of bothersome players without the assistance of Staff. Make sure you read all the rules below for Warnings before you use this system. Players can be warned to leave your area if they are causing disruptions to yourself. You must give a 10 second time frame warning. After the 10 seconds are up and the player is still within interfering distance you can kill them. If the player leaves the area do not chase them or kill them. Your text chat message must be clear and posted with a /advert. An example warning message you can copy: '/advert Warning leave my area within 10 seconds or die'. You cannot warn players to leave their own property or base, however you can warn players in public areas. General Building Rules RP-only bases do not need to follow the General Building or Basing rules. RP-only bases must be flagged with an RP-Only sign visible on it and have no raidables inside. When building a base, place a 'Building' sign clear and visible on your base - any raids on a base with a building sign are counted as fail raids. You must not have any raidables inside your base whilst you have a building sign. 'Raidables' are any entity that takes time or money to create and can be stolen for profit/gain. KOS signs cannot be placed on sidewalks. KOS signs must be clear, visible - no questions asked. KOS signs must be a MINIMUM of 75 text size with an English font. KOS reasons must be either no specific reason with a plain 'KOS PAST SIGN' or life/base threatening reasons such as 'Weapons OUT = KOS' or 'Raid Tools OUT = KOS' or 'Trespassing = KOS' but things such as 'KOS if annoying' or 'KOS if speaking' are just used to bait kills and are not allowed. If you do not state a KOS reason and just have 'KOS PAST SIGN' you let the player know the risks before entering which is better than specific reasons. The KOS signs are not enforced until the player passes the sign. You cannot build on or above sidewalks. Decorative additions to the base that are on the sidewalk are fine but nothing that adds functionality to the base or blocks the sidewalk. You cannot build on or above the street unless you are a Hobo/Hobo King/Dwarf with an RP-Only base. A slight exception to this is harmless out of the way rp-builds/shops on jobs such as Gun Dealers/Medics/Black Market Dealers or any supplier/entertainer job - however if these builds cause issues a Staff member can ask you to move or remove them. Hobo/Hobo King and Dwarves cannot own bases but can build RP-Only builds in the street. You cannot block off sections of the map or have tolls. If you're building in a tunnel you must have a visible straight walkable path two person wide with no obstructions accessible by the public. Bases or builds on the street cannot be excessively large, if you have a lot of empty/unused space a staff member may request you to remove the base or make it smaller. Rooftop bases are permitted on bases of which you own. If the base cannot be owned, you cannot build on it. If the roof is shared across multiple bases you cannot build on it. If you have to build on the sidewalk or public space to get to the roof you cannot build on it. Bases/Builds at fountain must be RP-Only and cannot have KOS signs or raidables. Supplier jobs can have RP-Only bases and still supply players from their RP-Only base. If you're a Gun Dealer or Black Market Dealer and have an RP-Only base your Gun Shelves must be outside and accessible. Any world-created interactable entities or NPCs cannot be blocked and must stay publicly accessible at all times. This includes but is not limited to dumpsters, drug NPCs, bail NPC, hobo NPC, cigarette vans. The portion of your base including zig-zags or crack-able doors must be built on flat ground, meaning it can not be a "diagonal" base. This does not exclude the usage of ramps in other places that only serve as a movement aid between levels of your base. This only affects props placed by the player and nothing world related. (Example of a disallowed diagonal base) No hate symbols/builds that can be seen as offensive to any player. Basing Rules Bases only require 1 working entrance. You can own 1 base per party. All party members should be added to the front door for sit and raiding references. If you purchase doors to a base you must be actively using it, otherwise a Staff member may sell the doors for other players to use. Police Department members may have 1 RP-Only base with no KOS sign separate from the PD. At all times, a player must be able to fully crouch, walk, and jump in a players base/building. You cannot FORCE players to jump/crouch to get into your base with props. The entrance must consist of a clear and accessible path with no movement restrictions, including pixel-perfect hallways that require squeezing through. You cannot utilize breakable props in a way that slows down raiders. Buttons can be utilized along with keypads as defense, forcing players to activate the button in order to progress through the base. You can force players to press a maximum of 3 buttons in order to gain entrance to your base. The buttons must be visible/close to the prop they open. Your Keypad-Controlled fading doors must be raidable with all raiding tools. Raiding tools include lockpicks, keypad crackers, battering rams, EMP grenades or any other type of breaching tool. Keypads must be in clear, visible and easily accessible locations. You cannot have fake keypads. You can have 3 Keypad-Controlled fading doors in your base. All others must be button controlled. The Police Departments and Bankers base's can use as many keypads as the tool lets them. You can only make the raider crack each keypad you have 1 time each to get in and 1 time each to get out. Forcing the player to loop around and re-breach a fading door/Keypad-Controlled fading door is disallowed in all cases. Only Banker's and Bank Guards can base inside of the Bank. Raiders must be able to shoot back at you from wherever you shoot at them from. Grenades can be used without the raider being able to see you, but when shooting any gun or even RPG you must be shoot-able by the raiders. This includes the Cerberus alt-fire and any other similar weapons. Props and fading doors cannot have completely clear or invisible materials/colors. Maze/blackout/seizure bases are not allowed, this means no cancer materials. You cannot force a raider to turn more than 9 times with props. This includes every turn that is created by your props, if the world walls/doors make the player turn they do not count towards the 9 turns. This only counts turns that you HAVE to make to gain entry to the base, if the player decides to turn on their own that does not count. If you are uncertain whether your base has more than 9 turns or not, stand at the start of the base walk in and go keypad to keypad, every turn that is forced by props counts towards the 9 until you're fully inside of the base. Bases that have more than 9 turns are considered zigzag bases. All areas of your base must be able to fit 2 players side by side. This cannot be pixel perfect, the players must be able to walk past each-other during combat. No-collided boxes that give you 'invincibility' by standing inside are strictly forbidden in all cases. One-way props are not allowed to be shot through. One-way shooting window fading doors that activate transparent/not-one way can be shot through once activated. Fences cannot be materialised with any material other than the wireframe material. During a raid only the Raider's can destroy raidables, if you're basing you cannot destroy your raidables until no raids are occurring. Raiding Rules If you initiate a raid you MUST intend and attempt to fully finish the raid, you can back out of the raid and flee but you cannot use the raid advert as an excuse just to kill players. When using a raid tool for any reason you must advert raid and after finishing your raid / leaving the area the 20 minute raid cooldown will begin. If you are raiding a gun shelf you must still advert raid and wait 20 minutes before raiding the gun shelf again. This does not share a raid cooldown with the gun shelf owners base. Your raid timer also starts whenever you die/get arrested or end/fail the raid. You cannot raid a base that has a Building or RP-Only sign visible. You can kill the Owner of the base if they are close to it (within interfering distance). Your first attempt at lockpicking/keypad cracking/any type of breaching is you initiating a raid. Entities that are accessible without a raiding action such as lockpicking/keypad cracking can be stolen without a raid advert if your job can steal. Players who are loitering around the area or trying to interfere by opening/closing doors/mic spamming may be killed. No long-ranged raiding. You can only raid with player from your party. You can take over a raid by killing other raiders, however you cannot defend a base by killing other raiders. If you counter raid you MUST intend and attempt to fully finish the raid. You may not shoot anyone within visible distance of the base you are raiding. You must wait 20 minutes between raids on the same base. The cooldown between PD raids is 10 minutes instead of the normal 20 minutes. Your raid cooldown is shared across your party/base mates. If you're a Law Enforcement job your cooldown is NOT shared across the party and instead only counts for whoever attends the raid. If you die whilst raiding somebody your 20 minute raid timer begins after your death, even if your party is still raiding them you cannot return until the raid timer is up and must start a fresh raid. If you die whilst defending your base you can return after 3 minutes of NLR to continue defending. You have 10 minutes from raid initiation (kill, fading door bomb, lockpick etc) to end the raid and get out. Camping bases is NOT allowed. If you've gotten to all the loot you must start making your exit. Stealing entities/Stealing from entities is allowed without a raid advert if no raiding tool needs to be used to gain access to the entity you're stealing. All jobs specify in the F4 menu if they can or cannot steal, make sure if you have access to an entity you're not stealing it or stealing from it if your job disallows it. Once a raid has been initiated both the raiders and base members must not use their toolgun/physgun or spawn props until the raid has concluded. When no raid is occurring players can use the tool-gun to no-collide out of their base for a fast exit/entrance however you cannot abuse sit and props to push yourself out of your base. Advert Rules Adverts used for gameplay (PD Raids, Bank Raids, Raids, Crossfire or anything of the sort) must be the first words posted in your advert and cannot have extra unnecessary text. All adverts are considered as in-game RP and can be acted upon, including raid adverts. When starting a Raid, all players contributing to the Raid must make a Raid advert. Tips for making a bind for this, in console put: bind b "say /advert RAID" and bind n "say /advert PD RAID". If you are raiding PD, your advert must specify that it is a PD Raid. If you are raiding The Bank, your advert must specify that it is a Bank Raid. You cannot include multiple types of raids in your advert. Kidnapping Rules You may kidnap 1 player every 30 minutes. You can keep a hostage for up to 15 minutes, after the 15 minutes are up you can either let them go or execute them. You cannot kidnap the same player for an hour after they escape/get let go. You cannot force the player in uncomfortable situations/harassment whilst kidnapped, in-game banter is allowed but kidnapping someone for the pure reason of making them miserable will be intervened by staff. All players involved in the kidnap should try and interact as much as possible to keep it a fun, memorable experience (even for the kidnapee!). The maximum kidnap ransom you can demand is $100,000. Mayor Rules Access your Mayoral system by pressing E on the Computer in the Mayor's Office. The mayor cannot create laws that do not follow the Laws of The Land. The mayor cannot make laws that restrict movement or ability to use cosmetics. This includes jaywalking, grapples, sprinting, crouching, jumping, walking or any other type of movement. The mayor must announce the reason for lockdowns. You cannot make a specific job/player illegal. Default weapons such as Physgun, Toolgun, Fists or any other default weapon cannot be made illegal. Lockdowns are enforced on a 10-second chance to get inside. Refer to the Warning and advert rules on how to correctly warn players to get inside. Lockdowns may last no longer than 10 minutes. Police cannot under any circumstances have tolls/block off areas behind paid keypads or buttons. Police Department Rules Police cannot conduct any illegal activities. Police and Mayor's builds for the PD must stay inside of the PD. You cannot kill arrested players unless they're outside of their cell or blocking the cell doors. Illegal activity must be followed by an arrest unless your life or someone else's life is in danger or the player is already wanted, which is the only scenario where you can KOS. Players fleeing Cops can be made wanted and then KOS'd. The PD base cannot use the vents as their main entrance. PD Lobby and the bail NPC must be accessible at all times. (PD Lobby may be locked during lockdowns but must be re-opened after.) You cannot build inside of the PD lobby. You may only warrant for things you have witnessed or have been reported to you in an RP manner. Players that are holding 'dangerous' weapons will be shown as red, this does not always mean to arrest them it is only arrestable when the Mayor states owning or holding dangerous weapons as illegal. Laws of the Land These Laws are active 24/7 with or without a Mayor and cannot be changed/modified. The Police Department does not have to follow laws related to shooting, harming and raiding when enforcing laws. Raiding is illegal. Money printers, drugs and explosive are illegal. Bitcoin Racks are illegal (small versions not included). Harming other players is illegal unless you are defending your base. Life Threats are illegal. Having a gun license automatically makes all weapons on the user legal whilst holstered. Kidnapping, theft and harming another player are illegal. Shooting dangerous weapons in public is illegal. Laws must be enforced with AOS instead of KOS unless the Police Officers life is in danger or the player is wanted. Non-default Laws must be things that players have to go out of their way to do. Laws that are seen as baiting kills or arrests are disallowed. The Mayor can choose to make dangerous weapons legal or illegal when owned/held but no other weapon-based laws.
  12. Our focus at AetherNetwork.gg is to make sure that everybody is having an enjoyable time, in order to do this some rules are in place. No hate speech; racism, homophobia, sexism. No political posts or negative discussions directed towards groups of people. No ear rape/mic spam in channels without permission. Be respectful to each other, if you disagree with someone go to DM's and keep it civil. Keep posts in the correct topics. Follow any post formats provided.
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