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  1. +1 - Nice app - I do remember a few instances of you showing me evidence, I personally think it would be best if you could become independent in dealing with said rule breakers.
  2. +1 - It seems you're becoming active across the platforms, there are two issues with your app that are mostly right, but not completely. - Other than these two minor issues, I think you have a solid app, my only concern is that I don't know you very well in-game. Edit: - After your revision everything seems to be in order. I look forward to seeing you in-game.
  3. +1 - Dread and Revolt have pointed out everything that was and issue, however, you have cleaned up your app, and I think that's great to see. You seem to be pretty mature based on your app, but I do not remember many of our interactions in-game.
  4. +1 - Cool guy, I have enjoyed every interaction with you so far, and you're very active.
  5. +1 - Whacky format, but nice app. On top of this, I have enjoyed every interaction with you so far and you seem more than mature enough.
  6. +/- - I like your playtime, if you kept that up and interacted with the community more I think you could do great, but as of now your app is quite poorly formatted. If this gets denied I think you should make future apps better formatted.
  7. -1 - I saw someone axe a lightsaber to death today three times, it was pretty neat.
  8. +1 Changed to +/- - I never met you personally, but if you made it to V-Mod I'm sure you were more than capable. - Learned more about why you got demoted, sounds like activity dropped off, and you don't seem to be that active still. No hard feelings, just concerning. https://imgur.com/a/hSGq3SR
  9. +/- Leaning + - Same reasons Devi listed, I would just like to see you around more in game. - Hanging around some questionable players and you all "rebelled" against the PD which meant you ran in as dwarves and started knifing any PD member for no reason. You yourself didn't knife anyone, but you were promoting this behavior.
  10. +/- - Interesting PW's, but I have never had a bad interaction with you nor have I seen you have a bad impact on others.
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