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  1. Please keep my husbands name out of your mouth, thanks
  2. You were always great to chat with, hope to see ya round and back staffing some day Happy Trails
  3. This could use elaboration, do you mean return to the area or actually yes they can recontinue the raid? Instead of either or you would actually check the players previous warnings then base there next punishment on that. the order is WW->5m jail -> 10m Jail - > up to a 1d ban 1 RP and 1 Non RP as part of the new rules Summary: Overall you are a solid long time player with no issues or serious warns and are an active positive member of the community, your app could use a little work but nothing we couldn't work out over the tmod phase. +1
  4. You have a pretty longstanding playtime on the server as well as a pretty good reputation and being consistently active. I know you have in the passed done a bit of more minor rulebreaking but have not in quite a long time. As long as you maintain this good behavior and solid playtime you should have zero issues with staffing. +1
  5. I should win because it would be cool if I won I think
  6. All love, you were great staff while u were around Happy Trails
  7. Adios for now my man, you were fantastic at staffing while you were around and it truly showed by your impact on the community. Happy Trails
  8. I don't really understand this, the old version of tits unbelievably stale and the new map is exactly the same with the addition of some spots but everything else stayed the same. Even all the old dupes work, not to mention ridiculously better performance. Is there a specific part of the new map you think is worse?
  9. bye for now, hope to see ya again 🌽
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