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  1. Guys you'll never believe it, i'm making a return
  2. +1 +nice app +very detailed +good playtime +nice person in game
  3. -1 -low playtime -discord not filled out -never seen you before -not enough explanation is some areas +low warns +seems to know basic rules
  4. oop yeah but again he was not moving and you used a semi auto gun with automatic attachment which does alot of damage and burns through ammo so quickly that if he was moving you would be reloading by the time he has killed you even with rushed reloading
  5. this is the same video as before, this was on a person standing still only headshots and we did a test run with jouram after this with both participants moving and lightsaber won 90% of the time
  6. i really don't think it's weak, in scenarios where your in a building (which is alot) it is very hard to kill them even with 2 people and if one person can beat 2 people just because of a item they have and not the skill or thought to fight them, with the lightsaber it is just run, look down, and move around and it works 80% of the time
  7. that could also be reversed like: you have a lightsaber so you don't realize how OP it is to people who don't have one If it can tank a minigun plus another dude shooting them it's OP and i don't understand how people don't realize this It's a perma weapon, yes it is done through hard work but still makes it OP to people who cannot access guns that counter it or to people who do have those guns since even with absolute monsters of guns it will tank it long enough to kill the other player
  8. just sprayed a dude down with minigun hitting most shots and they didn't even break armor 😕 still convinced it needs to be nerfed
  9. Im just using that as a reference since baseball bat is the best melee also a party of 3 shooting somoene with FA could kill him only after 2 party members died
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