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Revolt's Free Base Pack

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Hello gamers, I've had plans to do something like this for a while but never got around to it; and now that rules have been adjusted and so many people need to remake bases I figured now is the best time.

I have made a google drive pack of bases for everyone. At the moment every single base is less than or equal to 70 props so you do not need premium or builder to use these bases. If in the future any bases require premium prop limits it will be made clear.


I made these bases for players who either aren't good at making bases or don't want to spend time remaking bases after the changes. These are not top-tier "unraidable" bases. These are simply average bases that will give you a fighting chance at defense.


None of these bases have buttons included in the dupe because everyone sets up their doors differently, you will need to use the fading door tool and button tool to add them, and of course the keypad tool.


You may not attempt to sell or use these bases in trades under any circumstance. These are free for the community and not for anyone's profit.



Currently there are only 5 bases, however I will continue to add to this pack as time goes on.

Make sure to read the base information for each base for information on exact prop amount, turns, etc




DM me if you notice any issues with the bases or have questions

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10 hours ago, Korby said:

One problem I have, how am I supposed to spawn the base? I'm super dumb don't judge me


put the dupe file in the advdupe2 folder and then using your advanced duplicator tool select it and "paste at original position" and then left click

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