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farewell gamers :)


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oh god its douey making a post..
as you can tell from the title of the post, i'll be making my departure from Aether! i've honestly never thought i would be making a post like this but i care enough.

i remember when i first joined the server when i just turned 17 and just wanted to build stuff, but during that time i met some of the most amazing and hilarious people. i've made some of best memories on here and it truly brought me out of my depression for a while. you guys had to be there when there was a hobo vs. dwarves war.

but, now im almost 19 and being an adult really FUCKIN sucks but, these past almost 2 years playing with this community was honestly a great experience and i thank you guys for it. it really saved me from my worst days.

enough said! onto the honorable mentions:

@Jouaram obviously gonna be mentioning the big man of the sever. thank you for such a wonderful (sometimes lol) experience on aether! thank you for letting me and a few friends host that one event giving away premium + aether bucks and building the whole thing. i wish the best to you and to the server 😄

@Madi Raven MADIIII<333 you're honestly one of the best people i have met on here and the amount of laughs we had together truly made me happy. i love the pics you would send me of your cats.

@hann although we never were really that close, you were probably one of the coolest and funniest mods i've ever hung out with..(especially when we had a full blown knife fight with tech9cat LOL)

@Tech9cat808 I KNOW YOU PROBABLY WONT SEE THIS BUT dude, basing with you was just the most stupid shit ever i swear LOL. grinding for that money early in the damn morning was fun and the amount of shit we'd get into. you're a HOMIE ❤️

@Acmerica WAT DOIN? you a homie as well and i appreciated the time we spent together. funny silly goofy dude

i'm not really good with expressing how i feel but really, thank you guys for everything and the time i've spent on the server. i wish the best to everyone, and i wish that everyone has a happy new year in 2023! ❤️

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