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  1. You are not wrong but id like to see more detail Again you are not wrong but id like to see more detail on these answers Depending on the persons recent warns go into count if they had PW what would the ban be? we have a staff handbook with all the punishments, linked below i wouldn't instantly warn them for this id ask if they have a valid reason or if they just didn't know what it did clarify them with the right know how, BUT if they just keep doing NiTRP reasons then you can do the punishment you are pretty well know around the community and know the rules of the server pretty well every interaction i have had with you has been nothing but pleasant and fun, the only thing i can think of is adding more detail to your answer study the staff handbook for the next week to know what punishment to give players +1
  2. Bye Bye Douey! have a safe adventure and stay positive! Hope to see you around in the future! Tech9 is one of my favorites on the server dude is SO FUNNY xD
  3. but what punishment would you give them? (as in they have no warns or anything prior to the killings) other then what i stated above looks like a good app we have a staff handbook anyone can look at linked below https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WRbK0749uxVUYMzUbYeOdOcKNGcrgl9M2HNSgnQVRlc/edit not sure if i have interacted with you yet if not excited to see you out there good luck ! +1
  4. you have been nothing but fun and enjoyable to play with it will always be a pleasure to play with you or just talk to you! i hope you have the best adventures while your away! play some cool games lol you are always welcome back ❤️
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