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  1. Emiy you a rockstar don't forget that ❤️ keep your head up and swing for the sky! anything is possible and i def see high success for you in the near future! hope you have a great life! keep in touch miss the talks we would have! oh uh -1 yea i think i did that right
  2. maybe one day when life moves aside youll know ill be back 🙂 love you J Man thanks for everything you did for me and the server its been real 😢
  3. Hi 🙂 been a min huh, Pretty sure i wont be returning to Aether for quite the time if at all, due to me enjoying other games and to busy with work i just wanted to hop on here and let everyone know that you have impacted me in life and helped me (yes im talking to everyone; even the ones who treated me with no respect -wont name anyone obv-) anywayssss i started blastin side tracked i appreciate all of you that have helped me through out staffing and just life in general i will always cherish those memories and the things people have taught me. Everyone at Aether has something special in them and Jouaram has done a great job keeping up with the community, listening and actually taking in suggestions and putting them in action to help you guys with gameplay always be there for that man cause no one else is here to run this sh*t! Respect him with everything and he will never do you wrong. For the Staff Team You guys will always have a place in my heart ( corny, holy shit ) but its true and i will cherish those memories, those talks, the times we were mad at each other over a virtual video game the times we laughed and almost passed out because of it, those life talk and sometimes crying, mostly me because my life was in shambles and i had alot of shit happned in my personal life when i was playing aether and alot of you have helped me through my struggles and couldn't ask for better family over the internet all of you have done something that impacted my life with heavy meaning and i will never forget that and never would change a thing i tired to be the best i could for everyone, staff, members, new commers, all of you i tried my best and i had a kick ass time doing it, wouldnt go staff on a different server other then Aether because it isnt just a Garrys Mod server, its a place of dreams and you can go and get away from life i mean it really sucks you in and makes you forget everything that is wrong in the world please keep being you and keeping aether a place where people can come and go to escape from reality ❤️ J man and the whole staff team has done a incredible job at keep it a safe place for those people dealing with depression, stress, family problems, over all life in general its a place to go when you are sad and become happy within minutes please stay true to yourself and the people you talk to because you have no clue what others are going through, be gently and nice to everyone and i promise you it will return with open arms because at the end of the day no one is gonna be there for you more then the people over the internet because its hard to show true colors over a screen im a completely diff person over the internet then in real life and i mean that in a good way, again please stay true to what you believe in ❤️ The silly little talks and the silly sits we would all become a part of because it was just the thing to do, i will never forget about any of you ❤️ please reach out and chat lets catch up on life ❤️ unfortunately i ran dry on staffing and it got really repetitive for me and i don't think ill be making a return anytime soon, i still stay in touch with the people that impacted me the most and will always have open DM's for those people. I love you all and wouldn't change a thing that has happened on Aether, we celebrated 2 of my birthdays so that's quite the time that i was staff (on and off) all of you are one of a kind and have a place some where in life and i have no doubt all of you will succeed in life please message me if you havnt latley and lets catch up on some things ❤️ forever and always will be MostDope 😉 Aether forever sincerely MostDopeLofi 🙂 PS: yall stink take a shower
  4. The FitnessGram PACER Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The test is used to measure a student's aerobic capacity as part of the FitnessGram assessment. Students run back and forth as many times as they can, each lap signaled by a beep sound. The test get progressively faster as it continues until the student reaches their max lap score. The PACER Test score is combined in the FitnessGram software with scores for muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and body composition to determine whether a student is in the Healthy Fitness Zone™ or the Needs Improvement Zone™. +1
  5. Lofi

    my favorite song rn

    2009 by mac miller will FOREVER be my favorite. i stand by that Most Dope 4 Life ❤️
  6. i love you to brodie ❤️
  7. Well title speaks for its self! ill be gone from staffing for a bit as i'm not very motivated for it anymore and don't really have the time for it, i will be back once i feel comfortable enough to return an control the craziness we call a community ! Yall be good 🙂 @dr. snortthisperc Hi bbg as always, Most Dope 4 Life 🙂
  8. Perc you have been one of the realest human beings that ive EVER met since day 1 we were 100% with each other and instantly clicked I enjoy every moment we share through out staffing and over all just sitting in a voice chat talking about life for hours on end, you will always be one of my good friends and i'm thankful for that, your always welcomed back you know that Keep in touch ❤️
  9. Lofi

    Staff Tier List

    A : Everyone else B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z: Praxis
  10. this is the most biased tier list i have ever seen... you actually hurt my feelings..
  11. Dawg I need me a “Most Dope” discord tag 😭🫶
  12. uhhh yea seems ok... -1 ?
  13. While you are spot on, on not needing to advert raid, and that the cool down won’t apply, you still need to make sure your job allows you to steal, not all jobs can steal. As stated by @AV Madi Raven If you’re the defendant of the base you are allowed to return after nlr, general everything is always gone but it doesn’t hurt to keep trying. It’s not a thing on the server, rdm is any random damage or kill @NotYourMomsPancakesbrought this one up. Make sure he also gets warned for job abuse and nitrp In general this staff app looks nice and looks to seems as if you really want the chance at trial mod, you’ve been really active since you joined and are nothing but a kind person, always open to ask questions and never been a bother to others since it’s still really early and you just started I’d like to wait a couple days maybe a week or 2 before I can +1 this, or unless I see a lot of positive replies start coming in, it really depends on you, so far if you keep with how you currently are, you got a really good chance in my eyes Aries summed this up nicely, Decent looking staff app you are pretty active on the server during the day I am not on much at night so don't know where you stand on that. You seem to be on good terms with everyone which is a plus you came off with a bang and by your 10h mark you were being talked about in a good way, me personally, I would like to see some HEAVY activity flow while this staff app is up ill be checking. Other then that I don't see any reason to not give you a shot at T-Mod, Read the rules & Staff Handbook while this is up activity seems likes its only going up from here love to see it, non the less, stay activity on forums/discord and more importantly on the server Aether Rules Staff Hand Book https://docs.google.com/document/d/1B8epud7h4ptV5xRB5LDK19VGJ1J5Ntr60uKqJxRyKGg/edit#heading=h.ab12tea4elen +1
  14. The clip @NotYourMomsPancakes Has of the under cover sting operation, i joined and not even 2m later i get a ping saying they need "Back up" so i came and he informed me that someone was tryin to sell cheats on the server to a under cover agent under the alias of "Agent B" we wont get into who that was but he is no long in service with the AIB (Aether In Black) as he wanted to become "normal" again long story short we stopped the vigilant and saved Aether once again from the race on cheats 🙂
  15. whatcha mean?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! dont gas light me
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