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    • I believe a 12h ban is fine for this as it's havoc's responsibility but most likely was not intentional. The ban has been reduced to 12h total and expires in 8h.
    • As I have told you in our DMS its not smart to be outside of spawn testing weapons, after looking at this it looks like he went to arrest you for having a gun out as that was a current law but he never hit either of you. You were brought to a sit but I can't stand around when I have other sits to take.  -1 for the warn being removed +1 for the ban being reduced 
    • n-Game Name: havoc SteamID: STEAM_0:1:527397089 Who Banned You: novaa Proof Of Ban:   Why Should You Be Unbanned: I was banned for rdm when I was testing a weapon with another player. The player who made the report ran into our bullets. I didn't even kill the guy, as well as logs would show I damaged the "Oxx" in the same seconds that I did any dmg to some random. I was not brought to a sit to defend myself. I left my chair for 3 minutes and somehow that was enough time for me to be brought to a sit. Instead I was returned prematurely because I was running around talking with someone the moment I was banned. If I was not returned prematurely, I could have explained my side.
    • Your ban has been reduced due to the reasons stated above, you will be able to play again in 4 hours from this post.
    • I'm gonna leave this as resolved, in the future please try to clip scenarios like this. Thanks for the report.
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