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    • In-Game Name (List ALL variations, if accepted your Forum/Discord name will be changed to your most used one): [ISANUN] Age: [17] Steam ID: [STEAM_0:1:196952086] Discord Tag: [SANUN#0988] Total Playtime (48 hours/2 days REQUIRED): [36hr ] Timezone: [EST] Steam Profile: [https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198354169901/] Times you're most active (If you have a unpredictable schedule let us know): [from 10pm - 8am] General Questions How can you contribute to Aether?: I can help Aether because im on when in seem like theres no staff or if there is they are all AFK. i see alot of Rdm and nlr at night time and i can help fix that because im online at night. Have you read the rules fully, understand and feel comfortable enforcing them as correctly as possible?: YES Are you willing to listen to any Staff member guide you as a Staff, even if you feel you don't need to?: YES Are you certain you will be able to staff for 5 hours a week and finish at least 50 sits every 2 weeks?: YES! DarkRP Rule Questions Raids can last how long?: 10m If a player in your party dies whilst raiding, how long do they have to wait to come back and raid the same base again?:30m What initiates a raid?: your advert If no raiding tool is being used can the player steal the item from a base without an advert?: no Give an example of a valid raid advert (type it as you'd type it in-game): /advert raid or /advert raid assist If the owner of the base is standing outside on their base entrances sidewalk as you're about to raid but haven't announced a raid yet, can you kill them?: no If you get arrested mid-raid can you return after your arrest?: no If you get RDM'd are you allowed to kill the RDMer back without repercussions?: no u can not A player punches somebody unprovoked and runs away, the player who got punched calls a sit - what punishment would you give the instigator?: just a verbal warning  List all default Laws of The Land: raiding and stealing is illegel.  Entities detected by the contraband scanner are illegal. Harming players is illegal unless you are defending bases. shooting dangerous weapons in public IS illegalle. laws can be enforced with kos if a the player is wanted laws can be enforced with kos if a player choose to do. non-default laws must be things that players choose to do. laws that are seen as baiting kills or aressts are disallowed  the mayor can make dangerous weapon legal or illegal    How many bases can you own per party?: 1 base/house A player is refusing to co-operate with you in a staff sit, how do you handle the non-cooperative player?: depending on whats happening i will warn him for what ever hes not doing if its warn able  Can you punish a player for intentionally ruining others time, even if they say it's out of fun?:yes    Give an example of a Staff abusing their powers and how you would handle it: the staff is kill with slat and nocliping everywhere, i would dm and higher up and let them know whats going on and proof if they need it  A player is excessively RDMing, how would you intervene/stop them from continuing and what punishment would you give?: i would do a kick for 7 days if hes kill more then 3 people   Mayor enabled a lockdown without reason and is refusing to turn it off, how do you resolve this?: by tryin my best to get him to and if we cant come to an agreement i will have to demote 
    • Revolt, its sad to see all the people I been around leave. I hate to see you got, We had bad times and good time and you have been able to over look the bad for me and allow me to come back to the community again and I enjoyed playing with you the last couple weeks/month that we have been on at the same time. Hopefully you can continute to join from time to time and join discord. Sad to see you leave :(
    • Mental health always comes first and I'm glad that you've made the decision to resign from staff rather than force yourself through.  Take care mate.
    • I remember when I went from only admiring you and seeing you as some legend that people are lucky to be around to being close friends with you and talking about all the problems in our lives or laughing at stupid shit and sharing the experience of procrastinating on our art projects. You are one of the people that changed my life for the better and im glad I met you. Thank you for everything, as the person who gave me vet reviewer I obviously have a massive bias toward you 😛 jokes aside you held more together than you think, I love you fam. Looking forward to our next projects we lose motivation for halfway through.
    • Revolt, I don’t know you very well, but I do know you’re very knowledgeable helpful in every situation we have had together and I appreciate that. I can only wish you the best going forward and hope to see you in game some time when things are looking up for you again!    take care, Donnie
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