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  1. I'm not a weeaboo or anything, but Cory in the House is the best anime ever created. The animation is almost lifelike with the only reason I'm sure it's not live action is that no human being can be as Rad as Cory. The opening is the greatest ever made with a beautiful song and secrets in every frame. The story of the most powerful human to ever exist traveling in time to serve the greatest empires is a simple one, but becomes so amazing. You can watch and see how he truly begins to love America and how it differs from his time serving the Romans, when he helped destroy the empire. Cory in the House is 10/10 best anime. +1
  2. I’m aware and I have it disabled intentionally. Playing GMod with errors and purple and black texture is the true GMod experience
  3. Changing my vote to, +1, Former Aether staff that has shown a willingness and drive to become staff again after a long hiatus backed up with their activity in-game, forums and discord. Has showcases on point rule and staffing knowledge. Has shown extensive server activity and communication with others within the community let alone bring a positive vibe to those around them.
  4. +/- You've recently come back from a long hiatus and I highly suggest that you refamiliarise yourself with the DarkRP rules & staff handbook as there has been some changes / upgrades to both of them. Also, server activity is not quite there yet for me to consider a +1 at the moment.
  5. Based. Not as worst as having an admin sit called on me for not restocking ammo & attachment crates.
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