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  1. I worked so hard. And this has literally destroyed me. For years I have been keeping these feelings subdued in the deepest of mental crevices... as it is too much pain to bare. But due to recent events I cannot hold my feelings in any longer. You know... I used to walk with a sense of pride and accomplishment with myself, even when I would make the journey from my computer desk to my halo 2 themed mini-refrigerator across the room... It used to feel so awesome. It felt as if a crowd of other ruinescape players were cheering me on, I could envision the fireworks and confetti being shot up into the sky, I could even hear the roaring cheers of all the people in that crowd as if It was all going on right there. Sometimes... I'd even imagine that my crush from Ms. Keller's class was right there in the front of the crowd blowing kisses and smiling at me. ...Oh Cindy... She was so beauwtiful. why didn't she like me back? Anyways. It was all great right? Happily ever after right??. My mother was so proud of me... goddammit... I can barely type this I'm so emotional. She was so proud when I came bursting into her room out of excitement over my achievement. God I was living the dream. But ever since that day...that one fucking day, my mental health has been in shambles. My self esteem.. ruined. For weeks I could barely even eat or sleep. I guess I should tell you ,reader, what happened to me. To my dreams and valuable achievement. my honor. my... my LIFE. On january 16th, 2005, 4:16 AM, I had achieved something that I can never top in my mediocre life. I achieved the milestone of 99 strength. And I did it ALL with A DRAGON LONGSWORD, the only REAL way to train strength. NOT THIS BASTERDIZED FUCKING DEGENERATE VERSION OF A DRAGON LONGSWORD!! FUCK THE DRAGON SCIMITAR!!!!!! WHEN THE DRAGON SCIMITAR WAS RELEASED I FUCKING DIED INSIDE. You hear me JAGEX??? Am I not important enough JAGEX??? I FUCKING POURED MY HEART AND SOUL INTO THIS ACHIEVEMENT, INTO THIS STRENGTH LEVEL. and you ruined it. You DEVALUED my achievement, you devalued my integrity, you devalued my fucking existence. This entire fucking game was fucking ruined on the 29th of March, 2005 when you released this shit. When I brought it up to vent to my friends, they all called me a virgin. But I didn't care, they just didn't understand. I'm not sure how they knew I was a virgin but... eventually I didn't want everyone to know I was a virgin. So i suppressed my feelings. But I realized now that this is what I base my pride on, it is the utter essence of my self-worth. And I'm proud. JAGEX, it is time you did what is right. REMOVE the dragon scimitar from the game immediately. This devaluing of my accomplishment has gone on long enough. FIX YOUR GAME JAGEX.
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