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  1. Something something Enzo uhm cursed? Yoshikage Kira did nothing wrong and was kink shamed , the DOD has crippled my legs and shins for 3k a month and amazing benefits to this day I am swagger out on the range negligently discharging flagged S1’s with 0 remorse (not really)
  2. Sad to see you go, who's gonna watch me chug sunny'd while playing stick fight now
  3. Miniature representation of the Sewers, so ik where tf im going
  4. After 3 long months, I now own a car, a full time job as a locksmith, and finally a place in which I live. I pay 400~ a month and get utilis for free and have a kitchen and laundry on site and 1 roomate. Overall doing well, along with having a lovely wife. so now i guess i go back to being on gmod.
  5. ✅️ hope to see you around
  6. But what if it was enzo?
  7. Hello everyone it's been quite a while and for starters I'm now a locksmith, living in my own place, can drive, and now regularly destroy my wife in Super Smash Bros. That being said I'll be making my return shortly to those who remember me that might mean something , and to those who don't well idk have a cookie 🍪 Anywho, I've been keeping tabs and want to congratulate Hann, ThiccYe, Jerma, Lofi, Oddity, Madi, and JimmyAddok. I know all of you and some of you more than others but you all put a lot into Aether and can't wait to see how you contribute more to our lovely server ^^ ♡ Until next time signing off - Ozy
  8. +1 I remember how many sits you had in December was funny with your own jury build
  9. Will miss you and your smol DarkRp build
  10. @Jouaramchange the game cube logo plz
  11. Thiccus welcomed you , you are extraordinary
  12. I'll be very blunt with you Bad news bears first. Saying we -have to- be nice to you to begin with (as I harbor no bad blood for you whatsoever as idek who you are) is for me unbearable and especially from what I've read you saying your rep is already bad makes it that much worse, you already quit temporarily due to your reputation which you shouldn't have done in the first place in the eyes of adversity. If you really eanna fix your reputation in the server , be engageful in a positive manner, and overall just rp in a positive way that benefits everyone. Nobody will take you seriously until you show effort and until then you won't gain an ounce of positive reputation from those you seek it from. (Edit) almost forgot but if you know your reputation is bad, asking others / seeking validation is probably the worst way to go about it Best of luck, Ozy
  13. Saw your old posts whilst sifting through the rift raft , you seem alright welcome back
  14. We are at 16 total staff apps and most of them give me a headache. However you are not one of them +1 Do read up on rules though wouldn't want you blacklisted for messing up during sits 🤔
  15. +1 💯 before I started this temporary break from gmod about 1 day prior Madi I believe helped with hosting the trivia event and sat there taking score and when jman gave her ab when she said she didn't want it. I suggested to give it away randomly to players who lost as a test if she meant it not wanting the ab. To much of my surprise she did and had given it away accordingly. Her reasoning was just to make other people happy. +1 I know you said you'd take random long breaks but I genuinely believe you'll stick around
  16. -/+ community support from a decent amount of people but Tango and others made fair points even in the +1 about not seeing you and tango saying most of your time being afk.
  17. Noooooo Tony cmon you were like a hidden gem on the server whenever I could find you -1
  18. -/+ changing my mind, the floor doesnt match the podium what an eyesore -1
  19. I believe he touched my kid @TOOHOT whilst with my wife @O X. I will be pressing charges.
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