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  1. Hello, many of you may know me as a staff member as I've been staff since 12/22/2020. I am making this post to inform all members of the community that I am no longer staff but I will be on the server occasionally. I wish Aether the best of luck and continued growth as in my opinion the best Gmod DarkRp community to date. 💝
  2. +1 I think you learned form your past mistakes and would be a good fit with the current staff team. 👍
  3. A picture of me and @GoldFishlast year 💝, and a new one I made this year!
  4. +1 - Great Application. - Good activity. - Previously high ranking staff on Aether. - Seems to really care about his reputation / presence on Aether. I have no doubt in your ability to be one of the best staff members on Aether. 😎
  5. I think I should win because I would look good with a custom discord rank! Enjoy my art 🤠
  6. +1 - Nice App. - Great play-time. - Active. - Community support.
  7. +1 Based on previous responses and your nice app.
  8. +1 - Good playtime. - Active. - Seems mature for your age. - Community support.
  9. +1 I think you are a good player that has been around for ages, I think should have a chance at staffing.
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