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  1. Note: This isnt a goodbye, I will be on the server from time to time, but my activity will fall and possibly cease. I will be departing From the server, possibly forever but hopefully not. Life has become So much more wonderful than i imagined, and i feel like i should spend the most amount of time i can to just living life. I dont wanna say goodbye and i wont. I will be on from time to time hopefully. Im gonna mention some people that i wanna send a personal message too. @Madi Raven Although you probably wont read this, since you have departed from here, im just gonna say this you have been an amazing friend here and im so glad it doesn't end here, from the ghost of PD, to basing together, to the cringe Mod applications you have supported me fully. Thanks, and i'll see you hopefully in the next stream you do. @ThiccYe Bro you have been CARRYING the entire mod team for a very long time, you a VERY talented mod, and a even better person. its been awesome @TangoDown Same thing as thiccye, You legit Carry the entire mod team with you, and also a very fun dude, and you pretty good at motivating. (You have also Had to handle me when i do the most stupid shit imaginable) but anyways, good times man. @Tremor Great mod, great person, and thanks for dealing with me in all those sits. @Jouaram Fake owner, 100% fake not real at all. @Ballsack Real owner 100% Thats all, pretty small amount but im not good at making friends anyways. i hope everyone an amazing journey, and thank you aether community, for all the fun and stupid moments over all this time.
  2. Where do i begin? Madi, you have been the funniest, craziest, and scariest person to be around for all the right reasons, You have helped me on my very very very terrible staff applications, Basing with me and don't get me started on the ghost of PD. You are the most amazing friend I have met on the server out of the few that I have. I'm serious when I say you have made my time here the best it could be. Im glad i know you outside of aether and that we can remain friends for the longest possible time. Goodbye Madi, ghost of PD, Raven and the Bean queen. For the amazing memories you have given me and so many others.
  3. I fear paco, paco is death, paco is constantly watching, paco will find me, paco will get his revenge. Hello paco.
  4. Should 100% Be chosen because im back, also because Puerto Rican Jesus Has sent me.
  5. 1+ havent seen you in game before, but if everyone else thinks your alright, i'll trust you
  6. every person from florida on the planet knows the meme. anyways, good to see you Tango.
  7. 100% not haunted, these forums are ghost free 100% no scam no hack
  8. Yeah on some servers, The economy was very strange. on one server that has sinced closed, i had at a peak of 876 Bil in total, not to mention what my inventory was worth. But for aether, I have made a merely 500mil ish total
  9. So, I'm bonkers. I don't have much to say since i suck at making introductions. I live in Florida, I used to live in Hong Kong I barely even speak it but its something to note. I'm into gaming, i love creating things even though i suck at it. I'm an aspiring uh... i don't know, but I'm something I'm 13 years old (A bit young, i know.) So for those who dont know me: Hi! cant wait to see you in game. thats all folks, have a wonderful day 🙂
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