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  1. +1, fix ur grades rat boy. I have a feeling I won't stop seeing you tho.
  2. The three responses were to Goku getting the question wrong, not you.
  3. I never saw the other's comments and it's a reasonable thing for multiple people to respond considering it was a moderator who got a rule entirely wrong. Chill dawg.
  4. Your raid cooldown is 30 minutes per base, this cooldown starts from your raid advert. And Raid cooldowns are shared across your party unless you are a member of the PD. Idk where you got that from but the rules say otherwise
  5. Pretty sure they still have to wait the full 30 minutes before coming back to the same base, the regular NLR timer doesn't affect raids in the same way. I know this is really nit-picky on my part but the question specifies it was unprovoked You missed the 4th law "Laws can be enforced with KOS if the player is wanted" This question is fine however I would always recommend to gather as much evidence as possible, that doesn't really apply to this because logs can show people being jailed but it is a good thing to keep in mind. CST gang ftw. Seems fine overall and the few things you missed are minor. However I cannot in good faith give a plus one because you still did miss a few things. For now +/-
  6. Mf ran out of money to spend and dipped. Realest.
  7. Yeah went from "maybe forever" to just "forever", we really aren't seeing Emiy again😢
  8. Let us watch and see how the lesser sack compares to his brethren. +1 Let the chaos commence.
  9. I was telling this mf to buy BL3 DLC a lil while ago but it turns out bigman is broke af. Srsly tho I wish you the best getting back on your feet.
  10. I think by "into the eco" you mean people who spend all of their worldly currency for digital currency.
  11. If it was going to be spent on whatever the fuck you eat I'm glad
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