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  1. I come back from the graveyard to say goodbye Bryan.
  2. My favorite was the Christmas printer 🙂 (dunno if you remember but awhile ago I asked what it did)
  3. I just want the discord roll, I’ll give the money/premium/aether bucks to someone else 🙂
  4. Still haven't found the cause of this 😕
  5. Hello Community of Aether, It's been one hell of a year for me. April 29th 2021 is when I became staff, 1 day short of a year but its time I say my goodbye. It all started by me and a friend wanting to minge / troll on as many Dark RP servers as we can. We ran into a group that was RPing as the Mayor's mob. I miss moments like these and I thank Sata for that. I've had plenty of joyful experiences as staff. I will miss the community but I've ran out of motivation to play Garry's Mod. I don't have a toxic goodbye or anything that will leave a permanent scar on Aether. I'll be back if there's a movie theatre (for those who get it). ~Goose
  6. -1 When ever there's something to abuse, you abuse it. This is mingy and should not be happening with staff.
  7. Just don't pay taxes, cover your entire house with tinfoil. Profit
  9. +1 App seems good, other staff like you, and I have nothing against you. I wish you good luck.
  10. Agreed, haven't meet McBussy. Some people don't like their age being out on the interwebs
  11. -1 You where amazing as staff Beth, I have nothing against you but just really agree with Dreadnaught.
  12. Thread was made before you where even on the server.
  13. Any bit of the food that I've made. Only thing bad so far was the soup, it had 0 flavor because of the broth o.o
  14. I don't think I should win but if I do I will get a epic role in the discord and will give away the 15m Here's a hidden gem of mine, some people have seen it before and this is my favorite basing location.
  15. Lowkey miss basing with the homies Old Aether was so much fun.
  16. Perhaps, will have to see if they are up to it 🙂
  17. mayb when I get my 2 friends back on gmod 🙂
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