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  1. +1 Well well well, another electrician joins the team
  2. +/- Here’s why; - Friendly and active in game, with decent play time already - Just need to fix the sections I quoted, if your discord tag is really just “loupe” then that’s okay - Never had any problems with you, Tango says your warns are a bit risky as long as you stay clean during the time frame that this is up then basically I’ll +1 it Good Luck!
  3. How are u not demoted yet
  4. Can we please get a part 3!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. It was nice having you around on the server! Hopefully everything gets better!
  6. +1 Here’s why; - Competent staff application, with reasonable explanations for each answer - Playtime in the server is more than 3 days which is what we recommend for time here - Brief interaction with you in game and you seem like chill person I personally think that you deserve a position on the staff team. You would be a good representation of what we are searching for in applicants like yourself. Good luck and see you on the server!
  7. +1 Changing my opinion on the application based on corrections and playing with you in-game, you are friendly and welcoming and that is what we need on the staff team. I hope to see you soon, good luck!
  8. Maybe can host one again sometime soon 🤯
  9. +1 Just get your activity up more and I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to be a part of the staff team. It seems like you have good support from the community just make sure you do nothing to mess up this opportunity to become staff
  10. +1 People of the server seem to like you Good playtime Despite the fact you have low forum activity, and this is subject to change you seem reasonable enough to be a part of the staff team. Also you have a cool PFP.
  11. +1 Very detailed and good play time Good forum activity Positive impact on the server
  12. The Chinese letters guy! I remember you.
  13. +1 For many reasons, - Detailed and descriptive staff application - Experienced in administrative work in DarkRP - From reading the staff application it seems like to me that you KNOW the rules of the server. Your play time is okay, I have seen you periodically on the server and never had any real issues with you in the server so therefore I would like to see you become apart of the staff team!
  14. +1 Good playtime No vague answers Age is higher than 12 After a week of playtime or so you should have a decent understanding of the server rules IMO. I believe you would be a great addition to the staff team.
  15. +1 Well thought out staff app and put together very nicely No vague answers Mature enough age I think you would be a great addition to the staff team, for my reason and reasons stated above. With more play time you will acquire better knowledge of the server rules and so forth, I hope to see you on the staff team!
  16. +1 Has been Staff like 90 bajillion times before and would fit right in like he never even left
  17. super admin the man or should I say MR COOL
  18. +1 Decent app, wrong format perhaps it was glitched either way you took the time to type it out which is awesome IMO - You have been around for awhile and seem to know the rules quite well on the server - I have nothing but positive interactions with you on the server GOOD LUCK!
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