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Recent Builds for my clients


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         Hey everyone! Long time no see! Haven't played in a minute, but I am back for now. These builds are my recent ones that I have made and I figured I would show the Aether community 😎

1. Firstly, The Krusty Krab for Jerma 


Look at that beautufulufllfuil Krusty Krab.


Wow, so spacious, very cool Kanye. Whoops, can't say that name nvm...


A supreme gun for a money loving krabby patty formula holdin Krabs


Perfect place for the kidnapping of a yellow sponge...


We all have to go sometime... just not now.


2. Secondly, The Frog Cafe for Cup


Wow, big Frog, lovely plants, great environment, and cool vibes.


We got frogs on tables. Don't ask why... Yes we eat frogs.


3. Thrid-ly The Family Guy house for Little Mister 


It seems today that all we see is violence and movies and sex on TV.


Who doesn't want a pink couch? Like who??????????????


This is where we pick on Meg 😕


All of these were super fun to make. Let me know if you want me to make something for you that is RP related! 🤠





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