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  1. Thank you for the kind words. Love you bunches, I still talk to you outside the game so, DM me anytime.
  2. Goblin Queen here. I expect a personal message because we totally do not talk every single day or hangout often... built like a fungus. I love you fam
  3. Wont be there to hangout and watch music videos with you. But easy +1
  4. Part of the reason I was a "good staff member" was from you. You helped me ALOT starting out. Wish you nothing but the best Tango. I love you very much, please take care.
  5. I don't have alot to say really, not looking to make a huge post or mention every person that meant alot to me because I would be typing for YEARS. Thank you for the memories and the fun since I have been playing and since I've been staff. I have told people I was leaving for a while and got tons of love and messages from people and that really means alot, I'm glad I made people happy and got to help out as much as I could. I will be around here and there, feel free to stop by and say hello and update me on the stuff I missed while gone. So many of you gave me some great memories and mean alot to me, please take care. My DMs are open if anyone wants to keep up or just say hello. Go easy on the staff, maybe a little. Peace out Fam ❤️
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