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  1. Love walking around and seeing your builds man! keep it up!
  2. why didnt we think of this before? HUGE +1! 1+
  3. hey that's my base, god seylas great huh +1
  4. build a mini western town for the dwarfs? like a town from RDR2
  5. The Rain Hit A Little Harder The Day You Left :( Cringe wtf Hope to see you around Bryan +1? -1? idk you choose ig
  6. oh my gawd did the stars aline? is that MADI APPLYING FOR STAFF AGAIN?!?! Madi was a great staff when she was around everyone loved her and still does she has been nothing but fun and enjoyable to be around <3 HUGE +1
  7. Agreed with everything above, although you did make some questionable answers to your staff app which can be easily fixed with some studying of the staff handbook and the rules in general. Other then that you have been nothing but positive in every situation I have seen, your attitude towards players/staff is always great! you are pretty well known so far with just the 50ish hours you have on the server, you have talked to most of the staff team an are on good terms along with the players as well. I'm pretty positive you have no warns either with is a plus you have definitely shown you deserve a chance a being staff member for our team! Do read up on the staff handbook and rules while this post is still up be active on the forums and i think youll have no problem with staffing! Good luck! Huge +1
  8. I honestly think jerma was great at staffing his play time is a little low but i believe he has interest in playing more +1 Do get that play time up while this is up tho :)
  9. bye bitcoin bob! have safe travels!
  10. from personal experience i can say baked is a good person and a great member of the community I've taken many sits he has been in/created and he helped on both sides has a great understanding of the rules and knowledge of the server and your play time is decent, the only thing i can really think of as a con is the link ThiccYe posted other then that your app is solid and you are pretty respectfully towards other players and staff +1 Good Luck
  11. idk if i should win honestly id just want the 50$ to give to my mom and dad
  12. thiccye summed this up perfect i think you have a very good chance if you end up using a mic and forum activity! +/-
  13. you have put yourself out there enough for people to know who you are in the community, all the interactions i have had with you have been nothing but perfect +1 good luck!
  14. i think you take the dog down its a demon dog you ever play cod zombies???
  15. this isn't goodbye 🙂 this is just a I won't see you as much i luv you Danny thank you for everything
  16. I'm also thoroughly impressed I think you deserve a shot no doubt changing my answer to a +1 good luck 🙂 +1
  17. sometimes staff aren't on correct but that don't mean you also break the rules if you have the chance to just AVOID it then that would be better, even saying something in the general chat on our discord could help someone could be active just AFK if you get caught also RDM'ing you can also be punished you are not wrong but how long would they be banned for? just cause they are NOT cooperating does not mean they are guilty, I would review the situation and go off the logs sometimes new players make sits and say it was RDM because they didn't see an advert or know the rules for the server. you seem to have a good general knowledge of the server rules and they start to click more once you start to enforce said rules I've seen you around I've had no negative interactions with you not 1 time the way you would handle sits is a little iffy but that comes with time and knowledge of being a staff member your hours look good love to see it! i haven't check your warns at all so that'll need to be checked but other then that it looks good! ima go +1 for this one hope to see you around!! GOOD LUCK!
  18. honestly every man for them selfs im outta here
  19. This is actually not a valid raid advert. Only valid raid adverts are /Raid - /PD Raid - /Bank Raid. No raid advert should have any extra text other than what they are specifically raiding. Any counter raids or group raids all have to have a default raid advert. This question is more in reference to if you're able to come back and kill the person that last killed you. While your info is correct, it isn't exactly relevant to the question. There are unwritten rules that you'll run across, such as targeting other players indirectly or going out of their way to disrupt gameplay for others, and they usually fall under NITRP (No Intent To Roleplay) How would you handle a player blatantly killing 3+ people within 20 seconds? Overall not a bad application. While you may be lacking some knowledge on the rules/guidelines, you have a solid grasp of it all, and I see potential in your capabilities. I've seen you in game a ton recently and only had good interactions with you, although I haven't checked you warns. I think it would be worth a shot letting you go through the tmod phase ThiccYe said everything that needed to be said ive seen you around and you seem pretty active! havnt looked at your warns neither but i think you deserve a shot as T-Mod! Hope to see you around! Edited! Due to your warns im going to have to change my answer to a -1
  20. i should win because...wait its the 30th is this still open?
  21. Bye Bye Douey! have a safe adventure and stay positive! Hope to see you around in the future! Tech9 is one of my favorites on the server dude is SO FUNNY xD
  22. you have been nothing but fun and enjoyable to play with it will always be a pleasure to play with you or just talk to you! i hope you have the best adventures while your away! play some cool games lol you are always welcome back ❤️
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