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Any event ideas you’d like to see come into fruition in the future?


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Reply to this post with any event ideas you’d like to see, I love spending my spare time creating stuff.

You never know maybe your idea(s) will be made into an event in the future.

Whether it’s ran by staff or by just me and a couple helpers, I don’t see why not to throw out a idea or two into this post 

Only one rule : anything is possible 

Also I will make sure to compensate you personally, I don’t need my money in the first place


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On a server I used to staff on, I did a fk ton of events that goes as follows:


Non PVP:

America's got talent GMOD Edition

Death Run

Scavenger Hunt

Snipers vs Runners

Race Cars

Prop Hunt




Hunger Games / Last Man Standing / Arms Race

Quarantine Regen  (11 Rounds) (Inspired by one of Combat Arms' game modes under the same name)

  • 3 mins per round.
  • No Respawns.
  • Safe rooms are opened within the last minute of the round.


  • Survive or destroy all Infected.

The Infected

Host Infected

  • 3 players are randomly selected to be the Host infected.
  • Spawn with 750 HP & 2000 Armour.
  • Melee only.

Normal Infected

  • Any human killed becomes a normal infected. (Suicide doesn't count)
  • Spawns with 300 HP & 500 Armour
  • Melee Only.

Capture the flag     

  • 3 points, 2 teams

Search and Destroy

  • 9 rounds , 2 teams,
  • Team X plants a bomb and defends it until it explodes.
  • Team Y prevents them from doing so or defuse it before it explodes.

Team Death Match / Elimination 

  • Sniper and / or pistol only being the most popular restriction when it came to this.

VIP Escort (Inspired by one of Combat Arms' game modes under the same name).

  • 2 teams 11 rounds  (NO respawns).
  • 3 minutes per round.
  • One player from the offense team is randomly select the VIP by the staff.
  • VIP are armed with nothing but their fists and a pistol. They're spawned in a confinement a bit further away from the offense team starting point as to which the offense team has to lockpick them out.

Defensive team Win condition:

  • Kill the VIP (Ends the round). 

Offense team Win conditions:

  • VIP survives and escapes to the designated escape route. 


  • All members of the defensive team are killed.


  • 4 Teams (Blue, Red, Yellow, Green) min of 6+ players for each team.
  • Each team has a time limit of 10 mins to build.
  • Restrictions: No explosives and weapons that deals AOE, handcuffs, nightsticks, arresting.

Raid the Admin base

  • All staff presented builds a megabase together (Suburbs / Industrial being the most popular spots)
  • NLR is disregarded. 
  • All Staffs only have 1 life and can't return after dying.
  • Restrictions: No handcuffing, arresting, and warrant raiding.


  • One staff members starts with a FK ton of HP and armour. 
  • Juggernaut's HP: 250k HP * the amount of participants in the event  & 100 Armour * the amount of participants in the event.
  • Whoever deals the killing blow to the juggernaut gets the reward.
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On 5/3/2023 at 6:34 PM, Zenie said:

Build battle? Seems like a event for creative people.

Adding on to mine, make it so they have to build a certain thing and no dupes, if they use dupes they get kicked from the event.

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I spelled have like ave so i fixed it
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On 5/3/2023 at 11:48 PM, Arestios said:

A yo mama joke contest?


just me?

ha yo mamma


no but fr i like the 1v1 events, that or the racing events death run is also really fun me and danny did one a long time ago and i had a blast killin everyone xD


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