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Donnie's 2023 Holiday Season TRIPLE GIVEAWAY!


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Donnie's 2023 Holiday Season Giveaway

Happy Holiday Season Everyone!

To enter, comment below these things:

1. Explain why you should win.
2. Something you genuinely enjoy about Aether Network.
3. (Optional) Post your favorite screenshot from the server.


The winners shall receive one of three prizes:
1st. Zombie Slayer (Limited)
2nd. Fire Bending (Limited)
3rd. Hole In One (Limited)

Good luck! I look forward to seeing everyone's posts!
Only post 1 time, if you post multiple times your posts will be removed and you will be disqualified.
Giveaway ends December 24 2023 23:59 EST

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i should win because i am me and me is great.

2 things i genuinely enjoy about aether is talking to @Cup @brdlevel @badgraphics (rip banned bozo) @TimHopgood @Donnie @dr. snortthisperc @Enzo and @thegroundisintheair(dont worry, if you arent on this list you are still loved, just not by me <3)

and my other favorite pass time is rdming donnie and jimjob and pretty much every staff member (not jouaram he will ban me!)

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I just want fire bending tbh.

Always love goofy interactions and amazing builds.

My favourite part of Aether was hands down the times you get a group of people to RP either cops or raiders and create some chaotic memories or taking part in fight clubs and player made TV shows. So much creativity.

Heres some huge throwbacks:




download (1).jpeg


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I should win because i love everything, and I'll be super duper happy and I'll show it off to sour.
I actually really enjoy the people in the Aether server. The people that play on there are super fun and creative.
This is my favorite photo from Aether because its sour. Who wouldn't love it.

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1. I believe I should win because it would be funny.

2. I enjoy the community of Aether. Haven't been able to find a better one since the last server I played on closed down. So many interesting people and events go on almost daily.

3. I don't have a festive screenshot but I do have this lovely stack of diamonds @AV Madi Ravenbuilt for you.


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i think i should win becuase it is the season of giving, and recieving! I've always genuinely enjoyed the community on aether, I have always had great and hilarious  interactions with people that always keeps me coming back.



also pic dump because i don't have one favorite ☺️



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