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Frequently Asked Questions / Tips & Tricks

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What's the best money making job?

This is probably the most frequent question asked by a new player, and the simple answer is all of them! Just at different times, the way Aether works is we circulate different types of job boosts to motivate players to do different things throughout the weeks! One week, Meth Heads might have a significant boost making them better than all the rest, and then the next it might be Bitcoin. This keeps players involved with all jobs on the server, and maybe even your favorite job will be boosted next!

What is a Aether Shard?
An Aether Shard can be considered as a "pity currency", meaning if you buy enough crates and receive enough Aether Shards you will eventually be able to outright buy a Limited from the Aether Shard Vendor instead of taking your chances with unboxing it.
There is many crates that Aether Shards have a way higher chance than anything else, so how long it takes to save up enough shards is dependent on how often you try to unbox items!


What are Aether Bucks (AB)?
Aether Bucks are a passively earned currency that changes depending on your prestige level. This currency can be traded from player-to-player, spent on !unbox and/or !shop.
The rate that you earn Aether Bucks are constantly changing depending on what kind of boosts are active, you can check which type of boosts are turned on in-game, or via the Discord Announcements channel.

What is a casino reset?
Naturally a Casino Reset will revert your gambling limit so that you may continue to gamble. These are very common in !unbox or easily purchased from other players. After you equip it from !unbox menu, it'll be sent to your 'Inventory' swep found in slot 1 of your hotbar which you can then drop and push E to pickup.
Once you're level 400+, a casino reset will always reset your daily wheelspin but will not increase your 10 spin limit per day. So you can only use casino resets to spin again 10 times.

What is a Aether orb?
An Aether Orb is an entity you'll eventually come across in !unbox. After you equip it from !unbox menu, it'll be sent to your 'Inventory' swep found in slot 1 of your hotbar which you can then drop and push E to pickup.
Each Aether Orb gives the player who 'eats' it +750AB.

Where do I find a free, legal base?
Whether you're new, or just not that interested into building bases, we've got the solution for you. Thanks to @Donnie for creating this completely safe and moderated Google Drive full of bases. If you're not Premium or Builder, don't worry there is still plenty of dupes for you to use, you just have to look for them!
Get free dupes here!

What is prestiging?
Once you reach level 300+, you've got the opportunity to prestige. Once you do prestige, you're set back to level 1 and have lost all of your current perks. However, you now claim more passive AB each time it is given out; all the way up until prestige 10 and then the limit for passive ab is maxxed out.
The higher and higher you go, you'll eventually start to unlock 'Prestige only jobs' that have some pretty neat benefits; all the way up until prestige 15.
Visit the Prestige NPC or the Master Prestige NPC for details on pricing.

What are perks, and how do I see them?
Depending on your level, you've got some pretty nifty perks unlocked. You can view the entire list of perks in-game using the F8 button.
These perks range from Healing players to 325HP with health chargers, all the way to spawning with every attachment in every single life. I highly suggest you keep an eye on what you've unlocked.

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