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Official Christmas Giveaway 2022!


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    AetherNetwork.gg Christmas Giveaway!

To enter, join our Steam Group and reply to this thread stating why you should win!

For a BONUS entry and chance to win a $50 Steam Gift Card post a Festive screenshot you've taken on the server, if it has no UI showing and is a good quality it may be featured on the loading screen forever!

3 Winners will be chosen 24th December 2022!
Two Winners Receive:

-A Custom Discord Rank.

-$100,000,000 in-game cash.

-Premium OR 100,000 Aether Bucks.

Festive Screenshot Reward:

One Creative Player who posts a festive screenshot that is chosen to be used on the loading screen and is seen as 'the best' festive screenshot will receive a $50 Steam Gift Card AND the rewards above, if you post a festive screenshot but don't get chosen as the best you will still gain a BONUS entry to win the raffle way. The winner of the Festive Screenshot Reward cannot win the raffle separately. 


If you are selected as the winner but are not in the Steam Group your win will be re-rolled.

Any posts that are not an entry will be removed.

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On 12/16/2022 at 10:29 PM, RevoltPlays said:

I think I should win because I been here a while and discord role would be cool 😎

I think I should win because I've been here longer and a discord role would be epic And cool 🤓image.thumb.png.e91e152c0e253737aaa7aa47e62ac939.pnggesus came and got me

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I think I should win because, I have helped a lot of new players and the players have helped me. I have been able to adjust my attitude problem from and anger issues from talking with staff and having criticism where most people would have left I used it to better my self. I may not be the "best person around" but I have tried to make myself more enjoyable to be around and less of a annoyance. Even with @Jouaram @froggy @RevoltPlays and many more being able to forgive me and let me know when I am wrong and have treated them like sh**. But, have been able to learn from my mistakes and I am 100% responsible for my actions. Even though it's a video game it doesn't mean I can be a asshole to people. They still have feelings, I learned to keep things to myself and address them properly. No, It doesn't reserve a reward for turning into a person I should of been to start with Nor do I expect one.

I am also going to be a dad and It would be a great "baby shower" present. Even with the baby I am going to try to still stick around as much as I can.

I also have a hard time trying to talk myself up with anything. I don't like talking myself up at all. But, I would talk anyone in this server up.

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I should win because i'm one of the reasons the staff Activity is heavily enforced now.


Nah on a real note, I have enjoyed Aether and all of the people I have met in it from the toxic sits to the friendly new gmod players learning how to play. I have always loved to help the new players learn the game as well as help keep the toxics away from Aether <- Currently working on that 😄 . I hope I win because it would push my mindset into an even more positive state, as well as have more players hate & harass me for winning lmao.

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EPIC winner is here i think ?
Epic Amazing GIF - Epic Amazing Awesome GIFs
my gift for the server 

I̴̢̩͖̮̠͙̬̠̻͗̑̾̀̀͛̿̂̌͐̃̅̑͜͝ ̷̡̘̮̙̥̠̣̍̒̑̀̿̄͊͂͌̅Ṉ̵̨̛͈͉̲̼̫̼̣̈́̋͑̒̄̔̈́̕͜͠͝͝E̶̫͔̠̼̟̠̙̠̋̉́̈̔͠E̵̬͂̓D̴̥͚͙̝̋̐̒͋̏̿̅̃͛̚͝ ̵̮͖͎̏̊͂́͂̇̓͜͠͠T̸͉̟̻͚̥͓̠͔̈́O̴̫̹̙͍̞̹̟͔̾ ̶̨̬̱͔̰̯́̏͜W̵̲̫̩͎͎̾̓̒͊́̈́̈́̀̈́̃̓̊͠I̵̠̩͎͍̼̯̦̼͙̱͗͗̋̓͒͋̀͘͝N̴̫̰͚̣̽̆̈́

i should win trust me 🙂


here you go for the loading screen 🙂


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4 minutes ago, potato said:

uhh i dont know whats with baked potato but im an uncooked potato and i do not associate. Also i should totally win IMG_0950.thumb.png.2c68a6f08f493b8d0b4674b24d32d17e.png Yours truly, Potato 

there's only room for one Potato, And lets be honest America has gone to shit, So has there uncooked steroid potato's, Im all natural baby!

no hate but I wouldn't feed you to a worm.

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